Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"flatlanders" again and a little christmas-job...

finished two new pages for "flatlanders"... hopefully i can post more tomorrow. if not, after holidays - for sure! one more page in pure greyscale, then another for the final "crossover"...

a christmas-job i finished yesterday for a mate of mine, pencil on DIN A3 sketch paper (that's the reason for photo - no scan...). stars and theme as desired :) btw, take a closer look at the mirror: both are holding the same picture up, see the stars? omg, awesome! hope you like ;)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"flatlanders", "terrible yellow things" and some sketches

don't panic! big update. after a long run of leaving "kopfstoff" uncared in the corner, i am finally back with some stuff to show. first of all i want to show you a newer version of my first mood sketch for "flatlanders", edited by the real king of 3-D art himself, ray zone (thanks a million for all your support!).

and it's time for another big "thank you". this time for you, cory godbey (creater and owner of an amazing page called "terrible yellow eyes"). on this page you can enjoy hours of watching collected art about my beloved max and the book "where the wild things are" from all over the world. finally i found my "i'll eat you up!" piece in the place to be ;). thank you, that's a major honour for me! i love your idea behind that project and it's really jaw dropping what it has truly become, respect!

i finished the first two pages of "flatlanders", my 3-D project for university. goal was to reduce the look of the first pages to a black and white, cartoonish looking, grey, cheerless, "dead" style to have a big break when the 3-D part finally kicks in. (this look will be totally different: colourful, wilder, more "three-dimensional" looking and at least in real 3-D ;))

and in the end, some sketches i did while sitting in a lecture at university, hope you like... :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"flatlanders" mood sketch for my first 3D comic project...

right now, i am in a class called "book design", and we where free to choose a subject. i picked "3-D comic" and want to create a 4 or 5 pages dummy for the final presentation (4 pages and 1 cover maybe, depending on how "far" i can get). i am a big comic fan, bet you knew that - and i love the 3-D ones even more! but i had no idea how to start. so, i had to read up on that subject first...
i searched for some tutorials, to learn how i can put my paintings/ panels into 3-D. thereby i have had contact to great people and now i know the basic techniques (BIG THANKS goes out to BEETLEBUM and the real king of 3-D Comics RAY ZONE. they erased a lot of the question marks - thanks a million guys!)

this is just a little "mood"-sketch, to show you the "hero" and the idea behind it. sorry for the "raster", hope you've got red-cyan glasses ;)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

agency stuff: "paul", "unser ener" and "spd"

this one is a sticker for children, let me introduce: "paul blink"... was a job for an optician. strange that i never showed agency jobs before... dunno why, maybe i'll catch up on some "older" stuff soon, or i'll just show some favs (otherwise it'll probably brake the mould ;)).

some postcards i did, for an energy saving campaign of the "department of environment". the red pig showing how to reduce waste of energy is the mascot of the "unser ener"-campaign...

and last but not least, some cuttings from storyboards i did with the corresponding pictures from the final advertising films of the "spd saarland". you can see the 2 clips on youtube, first one is called "heiko maas stoppt die raserei" and the second one is called "future 2009 - saarland nimmt maas" . hope you like :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

dub FX sketch... again

last weekend my girlfriend and i visited "heilbronn" to see this artistic genius live on stage. the atmosphere was incredible... tons of sweat dropped from the ceiling while folks went totally crazy! one of the best musicians i've ever seen/ heard... back at home, i decided to draw another "dub fx piece", but this time more thoughtfulness. that's widescreen baby! hope you like :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "treasury"

a little gift for a good friend of mine - it's his favorite animal with a few nuts below, hidden in a dead tree, just chillin. hope you like ;)

Friday, August 28, 2009

ipod touch stuff, BIG UPDATE ;)

today a new episode of the awesome "mobile art" ebook by thierry schiel arrived, volume 2 is now available for free download on the appstore. you can get it if you click on the picture (itunes link). it has 198 pages of articles, reviews and beautiful paintings. featured artist for this edition is our so talented susan murtaugh!
beware - lots of art inside (me too ;)).

after a long time of being apstinence in the matter of "brushes", i finally had time to finish another piece. it's called "present from earth". in the distant future humanity managed to leave their own sun system to visit other stars and galaxys to spread - even in other dimensions. on this picture you see a little human girl representing planet earth, dropped on a new planet (you can see the mothership in the back), to hand over a present from the blue planet. a little galaxy as a tokan of friendship. hope you like ;)

to finish this ipod-update, here's a little sketch i did a few weeks ago. may i introduce the two sweetest cats on this planet: sasu (black) and finu (white)... a little bit rough and unfinished because they woke up and left without sympathie for the observer. (and yeees, sasu was sleeping in that position) hope you like it, next time i've got to be faster with that settle :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

dub FX sketch...

today my long-awaited "everythinks a ripple" cd arrived, so i did a little sketch while listening... i found out about that naturally gifted beatboxin', rappin' and singin' genius a month ago, by a fluke - he left me speechless. search for his stuff on youtube, or visit his website to buy his cd's. i hope the neighbourhood was flashed by his musik today... so am i (again and again and again...) ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"die mittagsfrau" finished...

big update... finally. finished the last 4 pages (page 9-12, well known sketchystyle), the cover, page 2 and concluded page 1 (added german dialog). on the whole i like the result but it could have been better - with more time, i had changed some things - maybe everything^^. deadline is over and now i've to wait for a mark from the professor... hope you like it :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "headhunter"

did this yesterday with my left forefingertip on my ipod-touch. used the apps "brushes" for details and "pollock" for the running noses and background. it's the headhunter with a big hat! hope you like :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "mona"

painted mona this morning with my left forefingertip, the apps "pollock" and "brushes" on my ipod touch... first try to combine these 2 great apps in one piece. hope you like :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "druide"

very fast (!!!) sketch i did a few days ago, as usual on my ipod with "brushes" using my left forefingertip... i don't have much time, to do brusheswork at the moment :( anyway, hope you like!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"die mittagsfrau" first page nearly finished...

uff! nearly finished the first page for the "die mittagsfrau" comic-project. i can't finish them all, but i want to do the second page in color and maybe the cover too till deadline. hope you like the first one :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "witch"

a little sketch i did yesterday, on my ipod touch using "brushes" and my left forefingertip - i needed to draw something real quick and ruff after "ibrush!". mood according to what i have heard about jacko. hope you still like...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "ibrush!"

a little summer-sketch i did today - as usual with "brushes" and my left forefingertip. she's chillin', just sittin' there with her little ipod touch, watching the sun going down, sketches all the things happening down there, in that small alley right under her feet... i brush. hope you like :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "niko"

a little fanart i did today, again on my ipod touch using "brushes" and my left forefingertip^^. allow me to introduce... niko bellic, an illegal immigrant and veteran. put simply, gta IV is (still) stunning! hope you like my version of that caustic serb - a sketch has long been overdue ;)

edit: just to complete it, here's a little description for you: i tried to capture a mood that fits to him - there's a reason for B/W (morally he's already dead - war and the mob-life ruined his humanly) , his look (he's forearmed and got a freezing icecold intend), and for the threatening clouds and red/purple skyline (not only the sun is going down, the big city also dies with him "onboard"!) ;)

Friday, June 12, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "recall"

did this today, again on my ipod touch using my forefingertip with the great app "brushes". referred to a painting of an unknown artist i found years ago... hope you like...

edit: i just have been told who's the creator of the original piece: blutch. thank you, "c" :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "robin 1 & 2"

i'm back with a new sketch... done with "brushes" on my ipod touch. it's for my girlfriend. she loves the game "the path" by "tale of tales" - robin is one of the girls, i liked her the most, so i choose her for a little fanart. hope you like it ;)

... she liked the first one, so here's the next one (don't worry, the vimeo-link down here is the right one, the "face" starts at nearly 1:30...)


i just found out that the makers of "the path" posted my fanart on their official blog, i'm very proud about that! go check the blog here... and watch all the other nice stuff on that blog!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "dodge this"

my newest "brushes"-sketch, did this today as allways only with my left fingertip, amazing "brushes" and my loved ipod touch...

imagine: 2 nearly equipollend samurai figthing in the woods, setting sun hits there bodys through the firs... all of a sudden the one with the straw hat wants to ensure victory and pulls out a loaded gun: "dodge this..." ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ipod touch stuff, again...

did this today... with "brushes" (only!) again on my ipod. inspired by watchmen anno 1920. keep smilin' ;)


benjamin rabe found that "bad mood guy" on flicker and made a post on his fingerpainted-blog. i'm very proud about that (your opinion, that it's worthy), thanks benjamin! maybe now the "watched man" can smile again ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ipod touch stuff...

my first two sketches on the ipod touch, done with the free program "whiteboard: collaborative drawing", and my left forefinger... there aren't that many features (only a few colors, no zoom at all and just one brush)... and worst of all: with the freeversion you can't save. i needed a better tool.

and here it is:

first ipod-"illustration", realised only by the great app "brushes" for the ipod and my left forefingertip... - GREAT PROGRAM!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


last weekend i saw the new "x-men origins: wolverine" movie in cinema and was a bit disappointed. a lot of "bang, boom, crash" and... not more. they just did not tap the full potential. today i did a little logan-painting. just wanted to (s)c(r)atch that idea. it's wolverine, duuude. hope you like :)

edit: just a little change-> erased the "redlines".
was a bit ambiguos with them... ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"die mittagsfrau" more sketches...

today i had time to finish the second page for my comicversion of the book "die mittagsfrau" written by julia franck.... i have to correct myself... time to finish a sketch for page 2 -.-
it's the first time for me EVER doin' panels - i tried to create some kind of "reading flow" ?! hope you like.

edit: sketches for page 3 and 4 are finished... 4 more pages and i'm done.

edit 2: next pages (5 and 6) as a really ruff "sketchversion" and a second "censored version". my professor didn't like the first sketch for that scene - i was forced to illustrate another situation - i guess he didn't liked the "splatter" of that "handscene". he has not yet seen the second "censored version" - maybe now it's ok...

edit 3: next sketches (for the pages 7 and 8) are done. page 6 can remain this "censored" way. now i have to do 2 more pages (i haven't got any plans for going on...) - my professor wants to know what's next! (to be honest, me2 ;))