Thursday, January 5, 2012

NO undo!?

first "private" aquarelle / watercolour picture since... years. i did the last one back when i was in school. i am also doing some watercolour pictures in act class right now - i'll post some more analog works after i have more ready. hope you like her ;)

water colours on rough watercolour paper (size ca. 11cm x 17cm) no edits, only one tone and no white colour used!

Monday, January 2, 2012

"gemini rue" fanart

"gemini rue" is a game created by only one person and it's a blast! i had no time to finish the game yet because there was so much distraction in 2011 (told ya), but i will! i started working on that fan art piece months ago, beginning with just the idea to do a "hd version" for one of the main character portraits. then i started to expand the image, ending up with a complete hd version of a scene of the game (see the first image above for the original source). if you have a passion for noir style science fiction, stuff like blade runner, conspiracies, atmospheric music, old school graphics and especially point and click adventures from the past, go for it - seriously! i hope you like it (at least) as much as i do.

the forgotten ones of 2011, no.6: lillit 3D and owl wip

naughty little lillits! welcome to another "late 2011 update", slowly but surely nearing the end with those. actually i am pretty glad how this character eventually turned out. if you remember the concepts i posted earlier (this, this or this), here's how those critters look in 3d. i also did a lot of texture testing here, the 2 final retopo-meshs have clean uv maps, diffuse-, displacement- and normal-maps. looks badass in-game. i'll share in-game shots and more renders when the time is right...

the owl underneath is a super heavy ultra wip sculpt of another concept i did, but i kinda liked that state. hope you do as well.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

the forgotten ones of 2011, no.5: head 3D

my second z-brush sculpt "the head" was done by starting with a simple sphere inside z-brush. it was sort of a "from time to time" project... i learned many working steps and routines while i was freestyling - that's why his appearance changed so often i guess... learning. all the pores, veins, sinews, folds and scars are manually sculpted with selfmade brushes (no texture used, except for the eyes and the last two images). these are untouched rendershots, i just changed the overall colour and the contrasts here and there manually in ps (even eye reflections are real, the eye was build in zbrush too, it's a solid textured ball inside another translucent, reflecting ball). hope you like him.

the forgotten ones of 2011, no.4: real 3D

yeah z-brush is awesome... this is my first sculpt (finally, i know) using one of the best programs ever created. many thanks goes out to ansgar/erdgeist who helped me out on this. because i am still very new to all that 3d polymesh, retopo stuff he provided help and information on the task and together we actually managed to finish a prop model. it's a totem modelled after a concept i did a while ago. ta-da, hope you like it.

btw: happy new yeaahrrrr!!