Tuesday, May 17, 2011

portal 2 fanart: "she is a gem."

because many people liked the sketchversion of that old photography depicting the young couple of cave johnson and caroline i decided to enhance it, so that it is detailed enough to be a stand-alone-fanart on it's own (i already posted the rough sketch and the picture was slightly visible in the fanart piece called "i don't want this!").
this old new fanart is called "she is a gem.", which is another quote from in-game. this time from cave johnson, describing his assistant caroline. hope you like this old leftover out of the aperture lab's. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

portal 2 fanart: third time = the charm.

did another "portal 2" fanart, yes - without any portals, cubes, chells, wheatleys or cakes... this one is called "I DON'T WANT THIS!" and it's based on a short soundfile which is not even used ingame. i found it by a fluke while listening to some of the awesome sound recordings of the game (portal 2 sound page link above).
[SPOILER] on the image you see sir cave johnson (founder and owner of aperture science labs) and his better half caroline. cave holds some documents in his hands which involve her - but after hearing what his new plans are all about (glaDOS), he suddenly stops talking due to a slap in his face... she knows he's not the type of guy who accepts a "NO!". such a strong character duo and a scene which i had to draw. hope you like :)

details: they are standing in the exact room where the hidden couple oil painting hangs in-game and to underline that i added a fictional old photography of the young love on the right - so there's cave & caroline 2 times in this picture: sad and angry and happy and full of joy. ;)