Monday, June 18, 2018

THE LAST OF US PART II fan art: "every last one of them." (part 2)

i've had that small idea this evening and had to draw it - still "the last of us part 2" themed, still called "every last one of them." (really taking advantage of the weekend, what's sleep for?)...

Saturday, June 16, 2018

THE LAST OF US PART II fan art: "every last one of them."

five years after it first launched, naughty dog's "the last of us" has reached 17 million sales. three of them by me, it is still one of my favorite games ever released. E3 was amazing, especially naughty dog with "the last of us part II". i was so hyped for the event, that i watched it live at 3am, mid-week like last year. :D the attention to detail, the dramatic composition and the overall quality is one of a kind. so, i wanted to do a little something after watching that new gameplay demo and to celebrate its anniversary, but haven't got the time until today. i'll post some WIP shots later. this one is called "every last one of them."

(original size: 11,5cm x 18cm, big brush pen, brush pen and marker on paper)

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

"STRANGER THINGS": the forgotten sketches

damn, totally forgot these. some "STRANGER THINGS" sketches i did back in 2016, while watching season 1... loved it. ;)

Monday, June 11, 2018

DARK fan art: "Ulrich"

watching "DARK" right now (yeah - i'm late) and love it so far! the actor oliver masucci has some really interesting facial features, had to do a little fan art. btw: i'm kinda proud that our game "THE SURGE" is in it, too. ;)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

IT floats.

finished "IT" by Stephen King yesterday, what a book... started reading it at the end of last year - after watching the remake in cinema i had to buy "IT", had some brakes but finally revisited the book again a few weeks ago to finish the last ~300 pages missing. 1376 pages in total and now i am falling into a sort of limbo, these characters accompanied me for such a long time now. such a good read... these two drawings has been a part of this journey. my (selfmade sharpie-doodle) pennywise bookmark, which is actually some sort of promotional summer postcard by the bookstore i got the book from and a protrait of a man, who once sat across from me in the train. i did not travel with my sketchbook that day, only with the very big "IT" - so i did a sketch of him on the "freest" page there was... glad i did it, such a great distinctive face.

"IT" is such a good portrait of childhood and reliving that experience as an "adult"... my dad once told me: "there are no adults, only old children." - i lived by that saying ever since, because it's the truth.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

THE AMERICANS fan art: "elizabeth doodle"

i doodled around a bit this afternoon, having the fifth season of "THE AMERICANS" on the table right now, i picked elizabeth as a reference. third time is the charm, so they say... the other two sketches are clearly not her, but i finished them either way - was in the mood for hatching (blue ballpen, original size ~ 13cm x 6,5cm). ;)

by bus by train 7 (sketches)

another page for "they sleep", i finished some time ago. catched a bad cold, thats why i haven't been on the road that much in the last weeks (plus i am on the last pages of "it", by stephen king... so i always have to make that decision: reading or drawing). ;)

Monday, May 28, 2018

ANNIHILATION of Science 04

most likely the last page for the little mini series "ANNIHILATION of Science". just for a moment there, i felt like watching the wrong movie. ;) just to get this clear, i really enjoyed "ANNIHILATION" and i cant wait to read the books. my all time favorite book is still "Roadside Picnic" (bet you can tell, watching my gallery) and this has a pretty close vibe to it, while still beeing original. so, thanks for that! i mean it. btw: kinda suprised me, how every page turned darker.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

ANNIHILATION of Science 03

third one for the mini series of "ANNIHILATION of Science". another silly scene of a great movie... can't wait for the book to arrive, so curious. ;)

ANNIHILATION of Science 02

back with another small page for the "ANNIHILATION of Science". basically the same topic as before, but this time: spores... ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2018


yesterday i watched "ANNIHILATION", the new netflix movie from alex garland (writer of "the beach", co-writer for "enslaved: odyssee to the west", screenwriter of "28 days later", "dredd" and director of "ex machina"). i had pretty high hopes for this, since i saw the first "annihilation"-trailer some months ago. i really enjoyed "28 days" back then, "the beach" was also a cool movie (i've been told that the book is a good read, too) and "dredd" had awesome images imho (i haven't seen "ex machina" until now, but i still want to). for now: "annihilation" really resonates with me... in a good way. there are some silly problems i have with it, tho. i am no scientist but while watching it, some pretty simple questions came up, which hasn't really been answered that well - if at all. the first thing, that really killed the immersion for me was the fact that they won't wear any kind of protection before walking into that shimmery alien portal zone. yeah, you could say, that they've tested that out in the last 3 years and it didn't helped either, but it wasn't even mentioned by anyone. there are some more problems i had with the movie, but overall i have to say i really enjoyed it. the good parts clearly outweigh the silly stuff, imho. i ordered the source material today at my local little bookstore (support!), really curious about it (it's called "AREA X: The Southern Reach Trilogy" by jeff vandermeer). seems to better then the movie (who'd have thought? :D).

had to do this little comic page right after seeing the movie. hope you like.

for the wip-gif animation: first i wanted to do it full colour, but then i went simple lineart with this one. i didn't want to waste so much time for that small idea.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

RUINER fan art: "VHS"

not a moment to soon: the physical PS4 release of "RUINER" is here - finally! (thanks to special reserve games, got my copy ordered just a few moments ago!), so i thought 12 noon CDT is a suitable deadline for me, too. i wanted this to be a homage to good old AKIRA and to fit the tone, i made it an old VHS-boxart aka oldschool movie poster design with the VHS release from AKIRA as a reference (started this piece back in 2017, when "RUINER" was originally released for PC but never finished it). some detail shots above and a WIP-gif animation for you guys to enjoy.

btw: i might do a print of this one, interested?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

THE TERROR fan art: "silence"

back with a small sketch i did for my mother-in-law. this is lady silence from the ams original tv series "the terror"... we watched it in ~ one week and really enjoyed it - only thing i disliked (SPOILER!!!! ->) was that cgi ice bear thingy... sometimes less is more. great cast tho, and awesome intro sequence. :)

Sunday, April 1, 2018


"Kill APOSTLES, fight the wicked GOD HAND and find BECCHI!"... look what i found today in an old cardboard box on my attic. i just had to wipe off the dust and scan that precious piece of videogame history for you. damn, we used to play the hell out of it back in the days. hope you like it! Puck & Mario homage/crossover oldschool-video-game-cover-artwork-thingy i had to do. damn i am so into BERSERK again, lately. ;)

you can vote for the two designs, if you want to wear them and represent that elf! go, check out the qwertee-links:

6 colours for light shirts
5 colours for dark shirts

works basically with every shirt-colour, tell me what you'd like to buy. ;)



Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Commission: "Fritz"

Commission i did a few months ago for a friend, totally forgot to show this here, too. meet the tomcat named "Fritz". Fritz died recently and and his master wanted something to remember. i've had the chance to meet Fritz a few times, shy but cool, i really loved that tail. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

BERSERK fan art: "The Immortal"

"It is the unexpected that excites me."
Nosferatu Zodd, The Immortal