Saturday, August 19, 2017

by bus by train 4 (sketches)

back with some new and some not so new blackbook/sketchbook scribbles. more sleeping, unaware and aware strangers. right now i am pretty active again while i go by train, but after my son was born ~10 months ago, i was pretty busy with new stuff like beeing a dad, and doing work out more active in my free-time, i really haven't got the pashion to take the sketchbook and some pens with me especially because work snatching all the creative output away. right now i try to do at least one (small) new sketch a day from "living references". ;)

the cat and the dog on the last page where actually pretty impressive. the dog was like a direwolf right outta game of thrones... he was so big and in bright, vibrant white. i think his master was proud as she noticed that i was sketching her dog, she constantly was trying to get him in pose, that's why there are so many attempts from me. ;) the cat was sitting right in front of me the other day, i warned his master that these "cat-leashes" won't keep the cat from getting out, if he really wants to run off - she replied: "he knows who i am. he won't run off...", he didn't.

hope you likem.

Friday, May 26, 2017

BERSERK fan art: "The White Hawk"

now that i actually had some spare time to get back to personal projects i finally finished the second portrait of my little berserk black and white (no pun intended) series.
this one is called "The White Hawk"... i'd like to do one more. guess who it'll be. ;)
hope you like mr. androgynous.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Karl Bodmer" gift card

back with a little gift card for my mother-in-law. she loves native americans and she'll get an artbook from Karl Bodmer. did this watercolour-sketch for her, since the book won't arrive in time for her birthday party.

watercolour and black sharpie on a postcard (10,5cm x 14,8cm)

Friday, April 14, 2017

"kuli-harry" for ismael

a good friend of mine wrote me some days ago, that his 10-year-old son is a big fan of the "In aller Ehrlichkeit" (sir gawain and the green night) ballpen commission i did a while back for him. his kid is really in love with harry potter at the moment, so he asked me if i could do a signed, little "Kuli-Harry" (ballpen-harry) for him... did this today. ;)

the sketch and the pen will go out via express tomorrow, walter! hope he'll enjoy it!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


lets face it... the spirit of the time is to look ripped and there are a lot of gym's out there profuse in promises. but be adviced that none of them will give you what you really need: the wise wind spirit PUCK as your personal trainer! pick up pace, gain experience and muscles in no time by the elf that teached the infamous black swordsman how to wield his dragonslayer...

welcome to "PUCK'S GYM!". elfhelm's finest since 1989.

(if you don't know puck, go get yourself some berserk...)

its a shirt design for - if you want to have puck on your shirt, please VOTE for it -HERE-

Sunday, April 9, 2017

DEMON TOWER fan art: "The Doom Spire"

say hello to PALECAT, the plushy tired hero from "DEMON TOWER", the game inside the game "NIGHT IN THE WOODS" - instead of playing the main story, i couldn't stop playing this new rogue-like dark souls until i made it! it's amazing, so i did this little fan art thing here. it is in fact my first shirt design and working with halftones was something i've never done before too. the image only has 5 colours (as you can see in the wip-animation), all the other tones comes from halftones (qwertee limitations for the print). if you dont want to wear cool "PALE CAT", then at least go check out the game and support the dev's. it is really good. hope you like it...

its a shirt design for (CLICK ME and give a vote, many thanks!)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE fan art: "Obergruppenführer Smith"

finally got the time to draw something personal again! so, where have i been? mias is doing great! ;) two months out in the wild now so most of my spare time is devoted to him. i originally planed to do this piece as the last one in 2016, but i missed the chance, so now its the first one for 2017. did this ballpen sketch last night after finishing the great sixth episode. love this character, it's herr obergruppenführer john smith from the tv show "the man in the high castle", we are almost finished with season 1 and - for me - rufus sewell clearly steals the show. :)

Sunday, November 6, 2016


he is here. since that day (Oct 29, 2016), there's no night-time, no day-time, it's just one never ending day. he takes everything from you, but he also gives back... everything! little MIAS. BIG love. <3

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BERSERK fan art: "the black swordsman"

2016: amazing year for "berserk" fans. the new manga will finally be out in just a few days after three f. years of waiting, miura confirmed that it'll be a monthly release again, there's a new anime series out (which i already truly love but also quite hate for a couple of reasons) aaand there'll be a new game out later this year... (still own the dreamcast game and the ps2 game, especially love that one). you see, it's a good time for doin' a new berserk fan art - this one is called "the black swordsman", cause that's who he is. hope you like guts.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Monstress fan art: "The Night Watch"

finally back with some fan art again, it's called "the night watch" and is based on the amazing "Monstress": a comic written by Marjorie Liu and drawn by Sana Takeda. kotaku called it "a gorgeous comic book about racism, war and slavery" - with good reason. i love the manga-inspired, detailed art and i really enjoy the story so far! it's like blending berserk, ghibli and a little final fantasy all together, but its still something very unique. the world and its characters are so awesome - especially the cats... :D

can't wait for #6 to be released. hope you enjoy maika, kippa and master ren. :)

done with the standard brush in PS CS3.

Friday, February 12, 2016

by bus by train 3 (sketches)

back with some blackbook/sketchbook pages i filled up with more sleeping, unaware and aware strangers i met in the early hours of the day, late in the evening or in the middle of the night by bus and train. "the red one" - finally, i managed to draw him - however it's only a small sketch and not very detailed but he's such a remarkable old guy. wearing a red hat and a red jacket, he's always smiling and travels with a small bike which you can foldout - dunno the exact term. hopefully i can do a better, bigger one in the future. the lady and the curlywunder girl sketched with black marker came into beeing while i was visiting a friend of mine in guildford. drew them on the way to london... the text beside dog (named jackpot) is a quote from his master: "i recognize my dog in what you are doing there..."

Thursday, December 24, 2015

by bus by train 2 (sketches)

back with some blackbook/sketchbook pages i filled up with more sleeping, unaware and aware strangers i met in the early hours of the day, late in the evening or in the middle of the night by bus and train. some of the characters are fictitious - as you might have noticed. oh, and there are some sketches i did while i was visiting the "koerperwelten" exhibition a few months ago (the dead stuff) - hacked the system there, because you are not allowed to take photos (they want you to buy the books and cards), but there's nothing speaking against doing some sketches, beside the very bad lighting maybe.

these are some very small ballpen-sketches (6,5cm x 4,5cm) i made while the awesome "hidden orchestra" was performing in germany a few weeks ago. i was sitting in the first row and the mood was perfect to do some sketches. i actually never did something like that before and i had to realize that i did not bring any paper or pen. i was lucky enough, that my girlfriend had a notebook and an old ballpen with her. ;) the lighting wasn't perfect and the notebook turned out to be really small and hard to handle but at the end i managed to draw a sketch of every member of the band - more or less. ;) awesome music, had a really great evening!

say hello to my girlfriend. did this one yesterday on a small post-it note (10cm x 10cm). she's playing "xenoblade chronicles x" on the wiiu, her game of the year... year? i mean decade. :D

oh and a merry christmas to all of you btw. :)