Saturday, April 19, 2014

happy ishtar egg

happy ishtar, folks! i visited my mom yesterday and stayed overnight, as we haven't seen each other since i've obtained my bachelor degree a few months ago. we've had a great time! good food a good movie (i brought my playstation 3 so that we could watch dat blu-ray quality ;)) and lots of talks till late at night. today she asked if we could paint some easter eggs... it's an deep-seated tradition for her: every year she's having a brunch with good friends and their children, arranges everything and then they are all painting easter eggs. :) as a child i really loved that day. she has that new pillow which she really loves, and since i wanted to paint something for her i picked the portrait of it for my 2014 egg (my last one is about 13 years old ;)).

it was really hard to get used to it again. the small, very fragile and distinct surface, the shaky hold - especially if you have to work with watercolours which are older then i am... true story, you needed water by the liter just to get them fluid again. before that they cracked into 100 pieces. my mom apologised and assured that they normally had better ones. :D anyway, at the end it somewhat worked - she's happy, so am i. hope you like, have a good time!

standard round brush, really old watercolours on a blown out egg.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

birthday present: "elesun"

another birthday present for another mom, this time for my girlfriends mother. she turns 60 in a few days and she loves elephants...
she's not really into the (hi-) tech internetz world, so i guess it's alright if i put it on already. fingers crossed, she doesn't check my blog until sunday. ;) this one is actually my first acryl-work and i quite enjoyed it. it's kinda hard to get the painting photocopied, so that it looks like in real life, but i am quite pleased with the outcome. scanned it. the black and white version is because i can (yeah, i know.. photoshop-hax!), the closer "tail shot" is from photo... please excuse the shaky WIP-photos, should have checked the quality after doing them.

this one has fun, riding the sun - for as long he wants. hope she likes that small dude!

i really have to do more as soon as possible (not desperately more elephants, i mean more of that dirty brush action).

stretched (mini) canvas, acryl on cotton 20cm x 20cm

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

ALIEN ISOLATION fan art: "awaiting"

i am back with some fan art for the upcoming survival horror videogame "ALIEN: ISOLATION" by Creative Assembly. i called this one "awaiting" bcause Amanda can't wait and i can't wait. I started to work on this little piece a few days after the game was officially announced early in January. it was a must to scribble down that small idea and finally i've had the chance to finish it today. i hope you like the result. as you can see in the WIPs, it took me some time to find the proper style for this one - i tested realism, comic and simplified versions until i finally understood what it was, that felt wrong. Amanda wasn't really looking towards the "Sevastopol" in the first versions. fixed. There isn't a lot of detailed information about the story or the gameplay, i just had to draw something alien-related after it seems some dev's finally know how to treat the franchise right - properly speaking for first time in history. I hope you recognize Kezia Burrows (the actor for Ripleys doughter) and of course, that it's a good likeness of Sigourney too - even if she's not that obvious here. beside the WIP shots, i added some detail-cuttings of an early version of Amanda and Sigourney to compare them with the final ones, worth it i think. hope you like it! i am sooooo hyped for that game. can't wait. :D

(done with standard round brush from photoshop cs3, no textures, photos or custom brushes used)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Jack" concepts

Jack, Jack, Jack... plumb forgotten him. Concepts for "Scintilla" i did midyear in 2013 i think. the last one with the crazy goggles and fake mustache won...
Hope you like'em.

thesis: "Roadside Picnic", the missing cover #4

I am back, once again with thesis stuff: This is the cover artwork for "Number 4", the last one missing that i finally managed to finish just in time for the oral exam two days ago (i did it btw -> i am done: Bachelor of Arts, FU§% YEAH!)... i feel a bit sad about the fact that i haven't got that much time for this one, it looks bit rushed, especially compared to the other three in my opinion (as seen in the rough close-ups above...) - but i am glad that i managed to finish it at all, especially under all the strain and the overall circumstances of a final exam. So yeah, hope you like it! :)



"Glück für alle, umsonst, niemand soll erniedrigt von hier fortgehen!"

Monday, January 20, 2014

Herr Ludes

"Unter dem Himmel keinen Zweiten"

Guido Ludes was a professor of mine. He died the day after Christmas peacefully in the presence of his family after a long illness. He was just 64 years old. I painted this small portrait for the condolences book at the university, where everyone is allowed to write something down. The quote is in german language, an old japanese proverb which means "one of a kind".

I am glad that i had the chance to meet him.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

"old friends"

I created this "portrait thingy" called "old friends" today as a little relief from the thesis stuff I did during the past few months. It's kind of a sequel to "decisions"; it depicts the grey bearded one and the guardian many years after the man found that poor creature in the cave. I liked the idea to fast forward a bit, since it tells you some stories they've experienced in the past just by looking at the two. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

thesis: "Roadside Picnic", a sci-fi graphic novel

I am finally back, bringing you the results of my work of the last three months. Believe it or not, but this is actually my thesis! The task, which I chose myself, was to transform my beloved sci-fi novel "Roadside Picnic" by Arkadi and Boris Strugatzky into a graphic novel (if you remember, I created "Red" and "Monkey" related fan art about three years ago). Since it really took quite a while to do the cover artwork (they are intended to be printed at a minimum size of DIN A2, most likely even bigger so you can almost walk into the pores and hide between these wrinkles) and because I drew all the sample pages with a ballpen (part of the concept), I don't have that much to show but I am very satisfied with the outcome. I will try to contact publishers about this and want to find out who's the current owner of the original rights. Maybe this is going somewhere.

Just so you know, I created three prototypes, one page page for each and a 140 pages "Making of" artbook. I plan to finish another cover artwork around feb 2014 and maybe another page, or even more pages for the oral exam and the exhibition afterwards. Hope you like 'em.

EDIT: Here's the Russian version (thanks for this goes to a friend of mine). Since I like the Cyrillic script a lot in these panels (and since it's a Russian book ;)), I replaced the German version (which is now linked underneath) with the Russian one. An English version will be added shortly.

here are some wip and detail shots for you:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


i did this "comic strip one page short story thing" called "decisions" today as a small distraction, actually a nice little relief from what i am curently working on. i will not tell you what to read out of it exactly, because that's actually what i like most about it:
you are not forced to believe only one way to understand it, there are at least two potential background storys i came up with for "decisions", even if i like one more, i leave it open to interpretation - it's your call, like all the decisions you are forced to make in such a post-disaster survival world...

oh and if you like the style, i highly recommend "the long dark" by hinterland games. it's an awesome game developed by some really talented people who united to be "hinterland games". the game just got funded (yes, i lost my "backer-up-virginity" on this one - you can call me official backer now!). if you watch the in-game alpha stuff and first concepts they released you can tell, that i was really inspired by the art direction, mainly by the awesome company logo... that red fox is so calm but somehow also energetic and wild. i really like it. when i first saw it some weeks ago i instantly had this small idea in my mind and had to draw it straight away but did not find the time to do so - a background story for that fox so to say. today i finally got the chance to realize my little concept secretly... i started with one small panel and wanted to just add another one, but then it became a no-brainer and ended as a page. even if i lost some hours now, i think it's worth it...

had to be told, don't you think? hope you like it.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

birthday present: "milestone"

last week my mom turned 50! CELEBRATION! ;)

this is my present for her. for this painting i used an old photo as a reference. i am about two years old and my mother around twenty-three... i like it alot.
my godmother took the photo back in the days in our garden in front of a white sheet hanging on a clothesline. hope you like it.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Last of Us fan art: "Joel"

JOEL FAN ART ("the last of us")

since i contributed a 2D image for that "itsartmag" contest, i thought it's a good chance to get better in 3D for this one: a 3D sculpt of joel (if you don't know him, you should play more video games!). it is my second ZBrush bust ever, so this one was really time consuming for me. i did one other bust before, and two or three models for a mod, but i am really new to 3D and learn a lot while doing this one. a lot of trial and error, going back and forth etc..

the first one is called "endure and survive" and the second one "you'd just come after her". added a black and white version too, suits the original artworks more. ;)

sculpted from a sphere, polypainted textures, all wrinkles and dermal-details are hand-drawn inside ZBrush too.
main hair, eyelashes, beard and eyebrows are fibermeshes (first time usage).
rendered it in ZBrush (since ZBrush is the only 3D software i own), composed the passes in photoshop. hope you like.

"endure and survive" prints, t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, cards, cases and bags
available HERE

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Last of Us fan art: "A New Daddy"

Originally created this piece of fanart for the
"IT'S ART: THE LAST OF US Challenge".

A friend of mine made me aware of this contest since he knows of my obssession with “The Last of Us”; however, I don’t own the game just yet (I ordered the “Survival Edition” from a retailer in the US on June the 3rd, it’s held at customs for almost a month now).
So just to make this clear, I don’t know anything about the game except for how the world from “The Last of Us” works – oh yeah, and I watched the intro sequence.

I always wanted to create a piece of fan art for the game and was quite disappointed to have missed the official contest a few months ago. I never thought that there would be another one, which is why I would like to send a big thanks to the “IT’S ART” team and “grey”, the guy who notified me about the contest.

I started on Wednesday morning and worked on this piece until today. As you will be able to tell from the very first sketches posted above this text I didn’t stick with my first draft: at first, I wanted to show that Joel and Ellie aren’t the last of us. That there are more like them out there, but maybe to afraid to show themselves. To quite literally illustrate this, I first went with another tall guy and small girl, hiding in the shadows with Ellie and Joel in the foreground. However, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the outcome. Even after altering the pose and gestures, resizing the canvas and so on, the picture simply remained too crowded and the message which I wanted to convey got lost.

The finished image is called “A New Daddy” and as you can see above, the man from the first sketches was replaced by two boys. Joel and Ellie reflect in the dirty window, with Ellie turning her head to see if she really just heard something or only imagined it… the three kids just spotted the two protagonists and the one in the middle appears to have made some noise which I guess upset his two friends a bit. :D

I imagined, what if there are more kids without shelter, without refuge in this doomed world, surviving because they work together, by forming bands and gangs (complete with leaders and members) and because they are quick and clever. A bit like the girl from “Aliens” maybe… would they want to have their own personal Joel? Especially after watching him taking care of Ellie and protecting her with his life?

no custom brushes or textures used!

I really put alot of love into this piece and I hope you enjoy it.
Oh, and please wish me luck for the contest! :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

now available for purchase!

art prints, t-shirts and other products are now available for purchase! at last! some of my artwork is on sale now at Society6! was actually easier than i thought. here you can buy (framed) prints, cases and skins for your iphones and pods, search for shirts, hoodies and bags. there's even a pillow to put that smile on! :D

a lot of people wanted prints for "hotline miami", "sword & sworcery", "the foundling" and "the joker"... there you go! please have a look, i hope there's something for you too.

i will put some more stuff that suits walls and t's up there in the next time, but feel free to tell me what else you want to see on that Society6-profile!
thank you and happy shopping!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

commission: "LA RANA PLATANERA"

here's a more recent job i did for a friend. he's DJ'ing and wanted to have a logo and some mascots. yes, the squirrel is wearing a "dustman suit"! it's because the guy i did this for and his crew do the same when they perform... the distinctive feature so to say. "LA RANA PLATANERA" means more or less "the banana frog", that explains the rest i guess. lot's of confetti, bling-bling and fairies stuff paired with awesome music happening there. can't wait to see those drawings in black light. ;)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

berserk fanart: "the golden age"

finally i got the time to finish this one. it is a reinterpretation of a comic page that really affected me! i knew that there's a manga series out there called "berserk" years before i finally started to read it. straight! yeah, seriously. there was no break possible after i checked out the two first books... it's that great. the way miura tells this story, how he works up religion, friendship, moral, war and its intrigues is unlikely anything else i've seen before. there's tension, sorrow, humor, horror and beauty. the characters and the world he has created, his drawings are really extraordinaire! i normally don't like mangas, but this one is an exception.

if you're more into watching animes -> "studio 4°C" is actually doing a new animated series based on it... i love it so far, even if they had to cut a lot. you have to check it out!

if you're interested, here's the original page.

internship poster project: "make sense"

i did this for university. the task was to document and summarize the personal internship via a poster. there was a small vernissage for the prints, with podium-speech and even a prize-giving... i won! it's a "compulsory event", means you have to do that poster and since i really wanted to make a clear statement here, it took me some time from sketch to finish (you can see some early sketch versions and a 100% zoom of my face beside the finished piece above). i think it's self-explaining and clearly illustrates the clash between a naive expected fiction, pure ideology and reality: the cold truth of the good old ruling industry. it was exhausting, instructive and tough but most of all really a lot of fun. i hope you like it.