Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SHELTER 2 fan art: "the law"

fan art for the game "Shelter 2" by "Might and Delight". this one was a real relief, really relaxing. working on that piece had a similar effect on my like playing the first Shelter - kind of. this one is called "the law" and by that i mean "the law of the jungle", "survival of the fittest". i LOVE Shelter (the prequel), it's art design, the concept and the music is just fantastic. can't wait to play that Lynx. :)

if you haven't played it already, i highly recommend the first game!

ps: Shelter 1 & 2 both are using very unique art design. i really love that texture-patterns (inspired by the Japanese kamon) used in-game, so instead of just cutting out parts from screenshots i wanted to stay true to that original art... i actually recreated the squares i wanted to work with in my fan art piece from scratch! it was a cool experience, kind of reverse engineering and took me a while to get used to and to achieve the final piece. WIP-images of the progress and the final outcome are listed above, hope you like it.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

ALIEN ISOLATION fan art: "awaiting 2"

i started this piece mid-october back in 2014, but after i was done illustrating the main idea of the piece (alien birth), i wasn't interested in doing another stroke, not to mention finishing it. today i was in the mood to give it another try and finally put an end to it. this one is called "awaiting 2", settled right before getting on the cursed spacestation named Sevastopol. it is still not really finished in my eyes, there are still parts i would like to change especially storytelling-wise, but since it was planed to deliver just one idea on a simple comic-page, it's okay the way it is now i guess. besides, sometimes i need to put older, unfinished stuff out first before i can start with new things. ANYWAY... i really enjoy the main idea/concept of the page and hope you like it too:

-> to be a witness of the birth of an alien (its cell devision/evolution), just by looking at the change of moving bubbles in a cup of black coffee. the cup is beeing put on the Sevastopol-flyer, amanda is looking at - right above the center of the station... the fact that amanda takes a big sip has also meaning to it of course, same goes for the chilly last line from amanda... (i guess you can tell, if you're familiar with the alien-franchise and the game "Alien: Isolation" ofc.).

Monday, January 19, 2015

OBEY! fan art: "rarely aware"

the very clever game "OBEY", by Daniel Dez has such a unique concept that it instantly blew my mind... (imagine a combination of "1984", "Battle Royale" and "Powerpuff Girls"). i really hope, that it'll get the attention it deserves - i am afraid that it'll be not enough "CALL OF ASSASSINS CRY 23" to hit the masses - which is so ironical, since it's the first game i've ever seen which is that close to our very own authoritarian systems of power and influence, although it's still very early in development, its presented already in such an charming and innocent way, that i had to jump right in. all the best for the future, obey!

it's out on early access now and you can give it a try. INSTANT buy!


Press Kit


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ripley: attacks from space (ms paint for contest)

Alien (Isolation) fan art again, called "Ripley: Attacks from Space"... since i wasn't be able to be among the lucky winners of the "Official Community-pack", i thought it's a good sign that i actually found another contest where the participants have to draw art to win art.

price: "THE ART OF ALIEN: ISOLATION". i need that book! found out about the contest on the day of the deadline, so i had to rush the ripley painting, lost too much time with all that wet tubes and pipes... but the idea works (homage of the great giger with a twist). wish me luck.

done with the standard pen in ms-paint. hope you like.

Friday, October 3, 2014


back with some "post it"-sketches, started doing these a week or so ago, everytime i had to wait for something to happen in front of my super vintage antique weak personal computer to loaaad. they are 10cm x 10cm each and done with a blue stabilo gel-pen (only working pen i'd lying around). it's an old pen, guess thats why it had to end empty right inbetween the last portrait-sketch... (see photo) finished that last one with a ballpen (hair and ear and stuff).

the alps sketch happened on a weekend trip with my girlfriend... i sat outside the cabin, watching down into that ~2307m depth at around 7am, right at the very edge of the cliff, observing the sun banishing away the thick shadows of a starlit night. could be more detailed, i know, but my numb hands nearly fell off - it was that cold.

last one, again: holiday with my girlfriend. this one came into beeing at the beach of belgium. she was reading - guess what. you can actually see my ear and shoulder beside some grassy-dunes in the reflection of her classes. had to draw her in that moment. <3

hope you likem.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

30th anniversary naughtydog contest: "your birthday."

"Over the past three decades, Naughty Dog has brought us some of the greatest video games out there."

... so true. to celebrate that unique developer studio, i jumped right in and contributed this t-shirt design called "your birthday.". i found out about this contest by accident and instantly added my 3d sculpt of joel (you remember him?), but then i decided that this 30th anniversary is enough motivation to do an exclusive drawing - yeah! they pushed the deadline back a few days, otherwise i never would have started on this... but since i can't recall when the new deadline is over (blind...), the thought that it might be too late by the time i finish "your birthday." struck me very often while rushing the hard blending for the characters. at first i didn't like the edgy style on this one, i wanted to do soft blendings and more detail but i couldn't risk to be too late... now i like it as it is. hope you like it too, IF you do, pleaaaze share, like and vote for me ->

"YOUR BIRTHDAY." (30th anniversary drawing)

link ->


link ->

making an account takes less then 1 minute and i really appreciate your help!
lets turn one of these into a official shirt-design, THANK YOU!

Rating Period: 08/12/2014 - 09/09/2014
Winners announcement: 09/23/2014

Friday, August 8, 2014

true detective fan art: "the crew"

final true detective fan art piece. had to mirror the "now detectives", otherwise the composition would have been not so nice and the lighting too. normally i hate edits like that, but yeah - all just to make the most of it. changed some values too, otherwise contrasts would have been different on each head. in the style of the official promo artwork. i'll update this posting with the society6 link for shirts and prints and stuff, as soon as i am done with that.
hope you like.

true detective fan art: "errol 2012"

"My family's been here a long, long time."

Errol Childress

true detective fan art number five. the green-eared spaghetti monster. took some (flat circle) time to figure out a good shape for errol. at first i wanted to give him a crown, a golden/yellow one, selfmade, out of cardboard... but then i decided to scrap that. errol is not the king in yellow, he's a spaghetti monster at most. yay, five artworks in total, apposite to the "five horsemen" too. enjoy.

Monday, August 4, 2014

true detective fan art: "marty 2012"

"Hey, better get those jumper cables ready. Motherfucker’s lying."

Marty Hart

true detective fan art number four. marty in the year 2012. was fun to play around with different expressions for the 2012 version. at the end i felt that the most powerful and fitting moment to paint would be the turning point in which marty decides to back cohle 100%. the tape.

touch darkness and darkness touches you back.

next up: the king in yellow (final piece for this mini portrait series). ;)

Friday, August 1, 2014

true detective fan art: "marty 1995"

"You wonder ever if you're a bad man?"

Detective Marty Hart

true detective fan art the third. say hello to marty (1995 version). was much more difficult for me to define the basic head shape here, my first sketches looked odd, some of them like i was going for mixture between conan o'brien and klaus kinski, dunno why - really tried hart (haha...). since i gave the 95 cohle a small detail (the spiral eyes) i wanted to do the same for marty. it would have been nice to place asses and boobs on his eyes, as a reflection, but i didn't want to do the same again, that's when the lipstick as a third eye came in my mind. he can't wipe it clean. it's in plain sight... he's doing his thing so obvious that i had to do something in this direction. that cake... ;)

as you can see in the wip image, i also tried a bitchslap, but it was too much in your face (haha²) and far too big.

for the background i wanted to switch the theme at first, so that the 95 version of marty has a black one, and the 2012 version of marty gets a white one. after testing around i decided to go for colours here. the black and white theme makes sense for cohles portraits, but would have another meaning applied to marty... also, since they are so different compared to each other, i chose colours here. they fit martys temper...

next up: marty... the 2012 version. ;)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

true detective fan art: "cohle 2012"

"Once there was only dark... If you ask me, light's winning."

Rust Cohle

true detective fan art. again... can't get over how awesome the source is.
of course the background for this version of cohle is black. hope you like.

next up: marty... the 1995 version. ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

true detective fan art: "cohle 1995"

"Life's barely long enough to get good at one thing.
So be careful what you get good at."

Detective Rust Cohle

true detective fan art. no kidding, one of the best series ever made!
at first i wanted to place him in front of the church tent, like it's his head finishing the cross behind him, but then i remembered his flat. the 1995 version of cohle had to be a pure white background. i think i am doing marty too and maybe after that the 2012 versions of them. lets see. hope you like.

Friday, July 25, 2014

spider-man fan art called "one on one"

amazing! almost 52 years of wall crawling and web-slinging. i am a huuuuuge spider-man fanboy (check my acutal DA-ID and you get an idea) and i thought it might be time for a proper piece, its been a while since i did my last spidey drawing and his birthday is right around the corner, so here you have it. the idea for this cover came after ordering the "blank variant cover" version of the new amazing spider-man on ebay, some weeks ago. i wanted to do my own version: this one is called "one on one" because it's actually the real number one on that number one fan art cover (take a closer look) -> spidey is having lunch time with the comic that started it all in his hands... amazing fantasy 15! sigh, would love to have it - the original one ofc.

did this for fun, and damn, it was fun! going to have this baby on my wall soon, at least in din a2. ;)
posted three versions: clean artwork version, the "oldschool variant cover" (the lettering i grow up with) and the "modern" one.
beside that you get detail-shots (yeah, everythings hand-drawn here, even the city in the back!) and a small wip history.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

comicgate #8, "GEFALLEN": comic debut

did this "promo artwork" of liam & tara today (first two images above).

Better late then never! i am such a professional... totally forgot to promote my comic debut called "GEFALLEN" (german word with many meanings that fit the story, among others: "killed in action", "fallen", "pleased", "favour"). i signed it a few weeks ago and did some live commissions at the "16. International COMICSALON" in erlangen. the aaaawesome people from COMICGATE made it possible (i did the cover for #7 of their magazine back in 2012 if you remember):

it is a 14 pager! in colour! my own story, my own drawings! no restrictions (beside the number of pages ;)). lot's of sex, gore, religious criticism, a hero, a bad guy and H.P. Lovecraft!!! maybe you expect something else now, but it's all in there somewhere and good advertising i guess. :D

much, much love goes out to the COMICGATE-TEAM and all the people i met at our booth and elsewhere on the salon in erlangen, thanks for the interest, input and all the great conversations! you guys are fantastic! thank you!

if you want it, you can have it! click THIS link and order your issue of the eighth magazine called "Farbe" ("colour") directly from the COMICGATE-SHOP, or visit the kwimbi shop, your local comic store (germany, distribution: PPM) or get it from amazon later on (i'll update this post).


HERE is a short extract for you (the two pages from "GEFALLEN" i shared with this posting are at the very end inside that pdf too)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

once a day (true story, bro)

once a day (true story bro). today i sat in front of my old crappy pc and doodled around - like so often. finu, the big communicative personality in our midst (sister of the great sasu) also did what she usually do. normally i don't do these comic-blog-strips about me and my funny, awesome life and all the stuff that happens around me, especially not when it comes to my cats and their poop. i am so used to clean up behind finu (she has some... trouble with that, but hey, i do like her - seriously), that i normaly would never have thought that i would draw this one... but not today.

the whole world will know, finu. the whole world. muhahahaa.

hope you like.