Wednesday, July 30, 2014

true detective fan art: "cohle 2012"

"Once there was only dark... If you ask me, light's winning."

Rust Cohle

true detective fan art. again... can't get over how awesome the source is.
of course the background for this version of cohle is black. hope you like.

next up: marty... the 1995 version. ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

true detective fan art: "cohle 1995"

"Life's barely long enough to get good at one thing.
So be careful what you get good at."

Detective Rust Cohle

true detective fan art. no kidding, one of the best series ever made!
at first i wanted to place him in front of the church tent, like it's his head finishing the cross behind him, but then i remembered his flat. the 1995 version of cohle had to be a pure white background. i think i am doing marty too and maybe after that the 2012 versions of them. lets see. hope you like.

Friday, July 25, 2014

spider-man fan art called "one on one"

amazing! almost 52 years of wall crawling and web-slinging. i am a huuuuuge spider-man fanboy (check my acutal DA-ID and you get an idea) and i thought it might be time for a proper piece, its been a while since i did my last spidey drawing and his birthday is right around the corner, so here you have it. the idea for this cover came after ordering the "blank variant cover" version of the new amazing spider-man on ebay, some weeks ago. i wanted to do my own version: this one is called "one on one" because it's actually the real number one on that number one fan art cover (take a closer look) -> spidey is having lunch time with the comic that started it all in his hands... amazing fantasy 15! sigh, would love to have it - the original one ofc.

did this for fun, and damn, it was fun! going to have this baby on my wall soon, at least in din a2. ;)
posted three versions: clean artwork version, the "oldschool variant cover" (the lettering i grow up with) and the "modern" one.
beside that you get detail-shots (yeah, everythings hand-drawn here, even the city in the back!) and a small wip history.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

comicgate #8, "GEFALLEN": comic debut

did this "promo artwork" of liam & tara today (first two images above).

Better late then never! i am such a professional... totally forgot to promote my comic debut called "GEFALLEN" (german word with many meanings that fit the story, among others: "killed in action", "fallen", "pleased", "favour"). i signed it a few weeks ago and did some live commissions at the "16. International COMICSALON" in erlangen. the aaaawesome people from COMICGATE made it possible (i did the cover for #7 of their magazine back in 2012 if you remember):

it is a 14 pager! in colour! my own story, my own drawings! no restrictions (beside the number of pages ;)). lot's of sex, gore, religious criticism, a hero, a bad guy and H.P. Lovecraft!!! maybe you expect something else now, but it's all in there somewhere and good advertising i guess. :D

much, much love goes out to the COMICGATE-TEAM and all the people i met at our booth and elsewhere on the salon in erlangen, thanks for the interest, input and all the great conversations! you guys are fantastic! thank you!

if you want it, you can have it! click THIS link and order your issue of the eighth magazine called "Farbe" ("colour") directly from the COMICGATE-SHOP, or visit the kwimbi shop, your local comic store (germany, distribution: PPM) or get it from amazon later on (i'll update this post).


HERE is a short extract for you (the two pages from "GEFALLEN" i shared with this posting are at the very end inside that pdf too)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

once a day (true story, bro)

once a day (true story bro). today i sat in front of my old crappy pc and doodled around - like so often. finu, the big communicative personality in our midst (sister of the great sasu) also did what she usually do. normally i don't do these comic-blog-strips about me and my funny, awesome life and all the stuff that happens around me, especially not when it comes to my cats and their poop. i am so used to clean up behind finu (she has some... trouble with that, but hey, i do like her - seriously), that i normaly would never have thought that i would draw this one... but not today.

the whole world will know, finu. the whole world. muhahahaa.

hope you like.