Saturday, December 22, 2012

hotline miami fanart: "call me!"

back with some fanart for one of the best games in 2012. "hotline miami" is a indie-game done by dennaton games, which are actually jonatan söderström and dennis wedii. i love the deeper meaning behind all that raw brutality, the overall trippy, 80s underground miami style, the addicting gameplay mechanics and the perfect soundtrack (it is that good!). a sequel is in the making, i can't wait!

i finished the "call me!" piece a month ago or so, but wasn't really happy with the overall colours i chose at first... so i put it aside for some time and edited it again a few days ago. today i had another look and was still happy with it, so here you have it. :)

btw: here's the first scribble i made to frame the idea for that composition.


"fuck yeah!" the makers are happy with the outcome! ;)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

walking dead fanart: "grand finale"

back with some walking dead fanart. i finished the first season of the video game last weekend and had to draw something related to it (also posted a small making of for you). my girlfriend also played through the last episode a few hours after me, so i had to watch that emotional ending twice *sigh*... "you're strong clem... you can do anything!" can't wait for season 2. thanks ttg! was a blast.

"telltale games" translated my dearly beloved comic book series into a game and it's the first time that kirkmans dead actually walk work on another medium if you ask me... ;)

[SPOILER] of course lee is still alive in this picture, i didn't dare to influence clem's personality even more by letting her pull the trigger - who would actually do that?! [SPOILER]

(no textures or custom brushes used. done with the standard brush)

edit: it's posting number 100 btw. yehaw... time flies.

Monday, October 8, 2012

spider-man: f****** physics since 1962

some small spidey fan art because i am playing through "the amazing spider-man: the game" right now. i am not going to watch the movie, since i can't stand all the reboots, remakes and re-creatings happening these days. i also think that mr. garfield (seriously?) and mrs. emma stone (*urgh*) are really bad casting-choices, not to mention the "fugly" new suit. but hey: i love the game... thank you, beenox. you are doing a good job. ;)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

3D stuff: fortune lady and the owl

back to 3D: the fortune lady (her) was actually finished long ago, but i forgot to post some images of it. she's already in-game, i'll show more when the time is right. the pain-owl was finished one week ago - finally! i am kinda proud with the result because every feather detail is sculped by hand... without using any phototextures, alphabrushes or other cheap tricks. i started this beauty long ago but haven't touched it for months... guess that and the fact that i knew there are some more feathers, the claws, the texture and the retopo to do prevented me from getting back to it earlier (here and here are some rough wip's from 2011 - the concept i did back in early 2011 can be found over here). it has it's normal- and displacement map ready and i just can't wait to see that sweetie hang in-game. ;)

hope you like it.

some recent jobs

here are some jobs i did in the last months, some are directly "final consumer related", others had been done for advertising agencies. the first two pieces (the hand panels and the mock-up image) show some of the illustrations i did for an animation clip, then there are some caricatures, a logo creation for a total conversion and another illustration done for a new store opening.

hope you like them (i'll update the posting if the mentioned animation-clip goes live).

so trustworthy...

some concepts i did long ago, plumb forgotten to post these too. guess what the little innocent girl is called... right, "bunny". don't let yourself be fooled by her orderly appearance. see that anger? trustful, isn't she? then there's that old creepy puppet watching over the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-telling eye inside that glowing sphere...
also very reliable, no?

hope you like it. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

fan art: "TINY & BIG"

gain back those underpants! finally done.

"TINY & BIG" is a game created by "black pants game studio", an independent game studio rooted in kassel, germany. it's a blast! admittedly, i only have the beta demo of the game for now, but i already love it! you can really cut almost everything apart with that beautiful ray cutter tool... i played through it several times, now i need the full package! i hope that i'll get the boxed retail version as a birthday present when it comes out (hint: me = collector, hint 2: release on friday, hint 3: birthday on saturday). i started working on that fan art piece weeks ago, beginning with just the idea to do some sort of "realistic looking" redesign for the lead character "tiny". then i started to expand the image when i had freetime, ending up with a complete remake of the original cover. if you have a passion for nostalgic stuff and absurd humor, science fiction, games like the classic "psychonauts", awesome music (seriously!), old school hand-drawn graphics and especially adventures and jump & runs from the past, go for it - i mean it!

advice: if you want to get a drm-free version for mac, linux and windows, a steam key and a bonus pack featuring wallpapers, avatars, a digital artbook and a free track get the humble version from the main page (best way to support the team btw) or if you want the soundtrack buy the steam version. such a shame that it won't be part of the retail version... you can't have everything i guess. i hope you like the fan art.


these "black pants" are faaast, responded in no time (check comments)! so happy that i reached them and that they like it ofc! thanks for the tweet! :)

edit 2:

just found out that the humble version contains the "soundtrack edition"! you can find the files in "..\Steam\steamapps\common\TinyAndBig\Tiny and Big Soundtrack" now you're not just supporting, you get the best package... makes it the cream of the crop!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

commission: "a dragon and his car"

did this as a birthday present for a friends boyfriend. her idea was to combine both of his favorite items for this: a hot dragon and the "TVR cerbera 45 redrose" (his actual car), after a few sketches the final set was defined and ready to be turned into a finsihed piece... not exactly what i would like to have but tastes differ as we all know. :) these two versions where the final favorites (there was another brighter version, with lots of contrast as it could be seen in the last wip-part but i guess these two ought to do here). they are going to print it and hang it in their flat - can't wait to see it there. hope you like.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

comicgate #7: "wenn die welt untergeht - die comics und das ende"

"when the world comes to an end"... i am so glad to announce the finished cover art for the seventh "comicgate" print edition (lettering wasn't me). here i've got some early sketches for you, astronauts, ufos, exploding earths, giant cockroaches and even bigger atomic clouds. the idea for the final version was simple: what if it's true and the world will end in 2012 - even if it is exposed as false and just another scare story, what if it'll happen just in time... took a while to finish! yeah, skeletons are detailed and yeah, it was kinda hard to get the right look for them: not to clean, but also not overlayed with too much flesh and clothes. how to give them enough expressions without offering a mouth or eyebrows, what's the best compromise between too much hair and pure baldness. i wanted to catch that moment of the unstoppable strike that hit humanity in the blink of an eye, but also get the impression of an old group photo. i hope i managed to accomplish these goals and that you like the outcome.

the seventh "comicgate" print magazine will be available first of all on the 15th "comic-salon" in erlangen, germany (premiere: june 7th - june 10th). later on it'll be also available for purchase everywhere else (i'll post the amazon-link here).
you can check out a small extract here.

be aware: i will be in erlangen from june 8th - june 9th to sign the cover and exclusive poster prints (size: a2 and a3 without the comicgate-logo), you can find me on stage 32 between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.! i'll hope to see you there. :)

love goes out to the comicgate-team - thanks again!

Friday, June 1, 2012

diablo 3 contest contribution: "the basic concept"

i did this for a "diablo 3 contest", the price is a brand new digital collectors edition key. task was to draw in ms paint what diablo means to you - personally. this one is called "the basic concept" and took me about two hours to finish (hello paint, long time no see). i used the diablo 2 cover-artwork as a reference to get that evil grin as accurately as possible. i know that the cards are stacked against me, hopefully because of the truth inside that image but i had to contribute... hope you like. ;)

edit: win? WIN!... upon my soul, SPARE ME! :D

Sunday, May 13, 2012

sword and sworcery fan art: "the all feeling eye" (sworcery A/V jam)

finally had time to finish my contribution for the A/V jam "in the key of #sworcery" happening right now online. this one is called "the all feeling eye" and took some time...
many small details to discover i guess (yes, it's the "grizzled boor" on top of the mountain). i kinda like the result, especially the authentic scythian decoration stuff and the forest detail.
"Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP" is now available for the pc via steam. enjoyed the game alot, even if it's one of the most occult games i've played in years...
glad they released it apart from ipad, phone and pod - the atmosphere and the soundtrack is just outstanding.


so happy that especially one specific person is very pleased with my jam contribution. i am not very good at using twitter and don't have an account, but getting a twitter message like this plus a comment on my blog from the official and very talented artist liaison at SUPERBROTHERS, jori baldwin aka "aurorajorealis" just made my day - period. thank you :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

nude study again

back with some study from the nude. i finally had the time to transfer almost every study sketch i did in the last months into my pc. there are some more, but i failed to take good photographs or they did not suit my scanner... damn - so i hope these give a good taste of what the final outcome was like. the first mashup was kinda hard to do, there was a brief span of only 2-5 minutes per posture to get a feel for some natural motion sequences. the other pictures was created in the time interval of 15-20 minutes each, so much more time to finsih a sketch and start with aquarelle or acrylic nasty stuff. it was a portfolio for the univerity (if you remember i also did some nude study years ago -> here), hope you like.