Saturday, December 22, 2012

hotline miami fanart: "call me!"

back with some fanart for one of the best games in 2012. "hotline miami" is a indie-game done by dennaton games, which are actually jonatan söderström and dennis wedii. i love the deeper meaning behind all that raw brutality, the overall trippy, 80s underground miami style, the addicting gameplay mechanics and the perfect soundtrack (it is that good!). a sequel is in the making, i can't wait!

i finished the "call me!" piece a month ago or so, but wasn't really happy with the overall colours i chose at first... so i put it aside for some time and edited it again a few days ago. today i had another look and was still happy with it, so here you have it. :)

btw: here's the first scribble i made to frame the idea for that composition.


"fuck yeah!" the makers are happy with the outcome! ;)