Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"flatlanders" again and a little christmas-job...

finished two new pages for "flatlanders"... hopefully i can post more tomorrow. if not, after holidays - for sure! one more page in pure greyscale, then another for the final "crossover"...

a christmas-job i finished yesterday for a mate of mine, pencil on DIN A3 sketch paper (that's the reason for photo - no scan...). stars and theme as desired :) btw, take a closer look at the mirror: both are holding the same picture up, see the stars? omg, awesome! hope you like ;)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"flatlanders", "terrible yellow things" and some sketches

don't panic! big update. after a long run of leaving "kopfstoff" uncared in the corner, i am finally back with some stuff to show. first of all i want to show you a newer version of my first mood sketch for "flatlanders", edited by the real king of 3-D art himself, ray zone (thanks a million for all your support!).

and it's time for another big "thank you". this time for you, cory godbey (creater and owner of an amazing page called "terrible yellow eyes"). on this page you can enjoy hours of watching collected art about my beloved max and the book "where the wild things are" from all over the world. finally i found my "i'll eat you up!" piece in the place to be ;). thank you, that's a major honour for me! i love your idea behind that project and it's really jaw dropping what it has truly become, respect!

i finished the first two pages of "flatlanders", my 3-D project for university. goal was to reduce the look of the first pages to a black and white, cartoonish looking, grey, cheerless, "dead" style to have a big break when the 3-D part finally kicks in. (this look will be totally different: colourful, wilder, more "three-dimensional" looking and at least in real 3-D ;))

and in the end, some sketches i did while sitting in a lecture at university, hope you like... :)