Monday, January 24, 2011

the helpless insurance agent.

back with a small job i did for a broker company. the letter in front of him says: "rejection: non-insured, no liability, not proven". poor fellow... ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

concepts: hallway and white feathers.

the first three sketches represent what i call a "surreal pull-through".
feels just like a (bad) dream pulling you in, but could be even worse.
the last picture shows the "pain owl". white owls often carry great weight in spiritual meaning, for instance it stands for many good things in old myths if you see them by daylight: a new period in life, fortune et cetera. this poor animal was tortured and arranged - far away from any light, hidden deep under the surface... what that means? oh, c'mon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

petra (not) amused.

my girlfriend wasn't really suprised about the new "style" everyone needs, but since i redesigned one of her extremely rare (thank god!) no-go magazines, i recently don't find any new ones at the coffee table or even the toilet. excellent.

btw: don't you think i caught the most frequent colours on that page well? ;)


big, red and deadly. this cock picture will have its place in a new mod project i am in - big things are about to happen, hopefully soon.

new character designs...

for the same mod project the last concepts where made for.

edit: i added another old concept i made months ago, it fit's in well here i think - plumb forgotten, sorry.

new concepts again...

if you love david lynch, stephen king, life, death, dreams, nightmares, mystery and of course video games, i bet you'll enjoy this new mod project we are currently working on. more to come...

new sketches...

some new sketches i did for the earlier posted agency stuff, rough and fast - hope you like.

agency again.

some recent brand- and client jobs i did. the first two pictures are mood-concepts for a new beer campaign, the third and last one shows two small advertisings for an insurance campaign.

diamond wedding

a small invitation card design i did for the grandparents of my girlfriend. man, i don't know anyone else who is happily married for more then 60 (!) years.

pinzgauer ownage.

there we go again - told ya, everything is back to normal now. the picture above was a job for a good friend of my dad (or should i say for his new "toy": the "Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer 712 San"). his greatest wish for the print was a standing capricorn, a mountain and the full moon above it's center - there's so much free, unused space (especially on the right side), because there'll be a window and a few side scuttles (i gonna upload photos, when the image is attached to it, promise).

had the chance to sit in one of these awesome machines this holidays and damn, this is was fun! snow, deep mud, ice, plant, ditch, hill: not a problem for this machine. you have to google these adult toys, if you don't know them.

did you know? the third image from above shows a section of the original size of the image, which was one of the biggest i ever worked on digitally : width 150 cm (~5670 pixels), height 70 cm (~2645 pixels), 300 dpi. opening, loading and saving was fun. -.-

?! again.

i used to post pictures here a long time ago - now i am finally back.
may i introduce to you, "the agent who shall be nameless".
justa small sketch i wanted to share in so long,
oh and happy new year btw. :)