Sunday, January 9, 2011

pinzgauer ownage.

there we go again - told ya, everything is back to normal now. the picture above was a job for a good friend of my dad (or should i say for his new "toy": the "Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer 712 San"). his greatest wish for the print was a standing capricorn, a mountain and the full moon above it's center - there's so much free, unused space (especially on the right side), because there'll be a window and a few side scuttles (i gonna upload photos, when the image is attached to it, promise).

had the chance to sit in one of these awesome machines this holidays and damn, this is was fun! snow, deep mud, ice, plant, ditch, hill: not a problem for this machine. you have to google these adult toys, if you don't know them.

did you know? the third image from above shows a section of the original size of the image, which was one of the biggest i ever worked on digitally : width 150 cm (~5670 pixels), height 70 cm (~2645 pixels), 300 dpi. opening, loading and saving was fun. -.-


Anonymous said...

Yo David, Frohes Neues ! : )
Hab lang nicht mehr vorbeigeschaut, sehr schick der neue Look! Die neuen Sachen sind auch fresh! Weiter so!
Ich adde dich ma bei facebook. : )

David Müller said...

hey martin, dir auch - frohes neues!
hab auch lange nichts mehr gepostet ;) freut mich dass dir blog-design und neuer "output" gefallen! muss auch mal bei dir wieder reinschauen... :p