Thursday, June 27, 2013

now available for purchase!

art prints, t-shirts and other products are now available for purchase! at last! some of my artwork is on sale now at Society6! was actually easier than i thought. here you can buy (framed) prints, cases and skins for your iphones and pods, search for shirts, hoodies and bags. there's even a pillow to put that smile on! :D

a lot of people wanted prints for "hotline miami", "sword & sworcery", "the foundling" and "the joker"... there you go! please have a look, i hope there's something for you too.

i will put some more stuff that suits walls and t's up there in the next time, but feel free to tell me what else you want to see on that Society6-profile!
thank you and happy shopping!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

commission: "LA RANA PLATANERA"

here's a more recent job i did for a friend. he's DJ'ing and wanted to have a logo and some mascots. yes, the squirrel is wearing a "dustman suit"! it's because the guy i did this for and his crew do the same when they perform... the distinctive feature so to say. "LA RANA PLATANERA" means more or less "the banana frog", that explains the rest i guess. lot's of confetti, bling-bling and fairies stuff paired with awesome music happening there. can't wait to see those drawings in black light. ;)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

berserk fanart: "the golden age"

finally i got the time to finish this one. it is a reinterpretation of a comic page that really affected me! i knew that there's a manga series out there called "berserk" years before i finally started to read it. straight! yeah, seriously. there was no break possible after i checked out the two first books... it's that great. the way miura tells this story, how he works up religion, friendship, moral, war and its intrigues is unlikely anything else i've seen before. there's tension, sorrow, humor, horror and beauty. the characters and the world he has created, his drawings are really extraordinaire! i normally don't like mangas, but this one is an exception.

if you're more into watching animes -> "studio 4°C" is actually doing a new animated series based on it... i love it so far, even if they had to cut a lot. you have to check it out!

if you're interested, here's the original page.

internship poster project: "make sense"

i did this for university. the task was to document and summarize the personal internship via a poster. there was a small vernissage for the prints, with podium-speech and even a prize-giving... i won! it's a "compulsory event", means you have to do that poster and since i really wanted to make a clear statement here, it took me some time from sketch to finish (you can see some early sketch versions and a 100% zoom of my face beside the finished piece above). i think it's self-explaining and clearly illustrates the clash between a naive expected fiction, pure ideology and reality: the cold truth of the good old ruling industry. it was exhausting, instructive and tough but most of all really a lot of fun. i hope you like it.

two boss concepts

two "video game boss concepts" i did months ago. one slightly ridiculous and one a bit more serious version as you can see. i really like the second one (although the other guy has that bad-ass fire trident i knooow!). there's also a sketchy explanation for you guys. hope you like it!

sketches: "on the train"

some outcome of six months traveling by train every day. i really had to force me to get that paper out and draw instead of just listening to music, watch the landscape or simply sleep till arrival. it's such a strange moment when people actually notice that they're portrayed... even more if you go on after "getting caught". :D

christmas 2012: "der weiße wolf"

did this small wolf drawing for my girlfriend (fineliner on paper). i drew it inside the book "der weiße wolf" (= "the white wolf"), which she received as a gift. childhood memories and i still love that book today. it is a fantastic fable with beautiful b&w drawings inside, similar to the style i've chosen here. it wasn't easy to get the first edition of that book since it's out of print now. the new version come with a really ugly "trash cover" but what's actually much more worse: without any drawings inside. after i received and sent back that trash version, i finally managed to get the original first edition from 1982/83 in mint condition (the same version my mom read to me as a child). i read it to her from time to time after waking up at the weekends... awesome flashbacks!