Tuesday, June 25, 2013

berserk fanart: "the golden age"

finally i got the time to finish this one. it is a reinterpretation of a comic page that really affected me! i knew that there's a manga series out there called "berserk" years before i finally started to read it. straight! yeah, seriously. there was no break possible after i checked out the two first books... it's that great. the way miura tells this story, how he works up religion, friendship, moral, war and its intrigues is unlikely anything else i've seen before. there's tension, sorrow, humor, horror and beauty. the characters and the world he has created, his drawings are really extraordinaire! i normally don't like mangas, but this one is an exception.

if you're more into watching animes -> "studio 4°C" is actually doing a new animated series based on it... i love it so far, even if they had to cut a lot. you have to check it out!

if you're interested, here's the original page.


Michael said...

DO you realize how awesome this is?

Anonymous said...

This is really a great piece of work you did there! So beautiful, yet so brutally real. Berserk surely is the greatest manga ever.