Sunday, May 13, 2012

sword and sworcery fan art: "the all feeling eye" (sworcery A/V jam)

finally had time to finish my contribution for the A/V jam "in the key of #sworcery" happening right now online. this one is called "the all feeling eye" and took some time...
many small details to discover i guess (yes, it's the "grizzled boor" on top of the mountain). i kinda like the result, especially the authentic scythian decoration stuff and the forest detail.
"Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP" is now available for the pc via steam. enjoyed the game alot, even if it's one of the most occult games i've played in years...
glad they released it apart from ipad, phone and pod - the atmosphere and the soundtrack is just outstanding.


so happy that especially one specific person is very pleased with my jam contribution. i am not very good at using twitter and don't have an account, but getting a twitter message like this plus a comment on my blog from the official and very talented artist liaison at SUPERBROTHERS, jori baldwin aka "aurorajorealis" just made my day - period. thank you :)