Tuesday, October 29, 2013


i did this "comic strip one page short story thing" called "decisions" today as a small distraction, actually a nice little relief from what i am curently working on. i will not tell you what to read out of it exactly, because that's actually what i like most about it:
you are not forced to believe only one way to understand it, there are at least two potential background storys i came up with for "decisions", even if i like one more, i leave it open to interpretation - it's your call, like all the decisions you are forced to make in such a post-disaster survival world...

oh and if you like the style, i highly recommend "the long dark" by hinterland games. it's an awesome game developed by some really talented people who united to be "hinterland games". the game just got funded (yes, i lost my "backer-up-virginity" on this one - you can call me official backer now!). if you watch the in-game alpha stuff and first concepts they released you can tell, that i was really inspired by the art direction, mainly by the awesome company logo... that red fox is so calm but somehow also energetic and wild. i really like it. when i first saw it some weeks ago i instantly had this small idea in my mind and had to draw it straight away but did not find the time to do so - a background story for that fox so to say. today i finally got the chance to realize my little concept secretly... i started with one small panel and wanted to just add another one, but then it became a no-brainer and ended as a page. even if i lost some hours now, i think it's worth it...

had to be told, don't you think? hope you like it.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

birthday present: "milestone"

last week my mom turned 50! CELEBRATION! ;)

this is my present for her. for this painting i used an old photo as a reference. i am about two years old and my mother around twenty-three... i like it alot.
my godmother took the photo back in the days in our garden in front of a white sheet hanging on a clothesline. hope you like it.