Monday, February 28, 2011

flatlanders animated

i have finally finished my first flash animation. it was a project for the university called "computer animation", the goal was to accomplish interactivity within the animation - so i thought the "flatlanders" comic-pages i created a year or so ago would be perfectly suited for this task. i tried to get some sort of oldschool point&click adventure flavor to it, to trigger stuff like emotions of the main character, new scenes or animations. it was hard to get into AS3 coding and the whole flash interface at first and when i finally got the hang of it i realized how quickly the deadline was closing in... however so much more ideas and stuff to add rushed through my head, but unfortunately i had to make a clean cut in the end. there was enough time to finish some sort of ingame menu and almost the first 2 pages.
anyway, above are some photos from the finished case, a wip mashup and the cover. you can watch the finished animation here.

ps: i try to make the close and fullscreen button work for browser windows, right now it only works if you start the swf file via flash player not in any browser, dunno why. (me = flashnoob)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

roadside picnic fanart 2

another "roadside picnic" fanart, let me introduce you to: monkey, red's daughter. since stalkers were often exposed to the influences of the zone and alien artifacts, their children suffer from mutations. maria (monkey) was born with extreme hair growth and completely dark eyes. this is her at the age of about 5, having fun on the swing red built for her. later on in the book none of her skin is visible anymore, she stops talking and behaves like an animal. poor child... :(

btw: there are two balloons depicted on the button, at one point in the novel she plays with them.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

roadside picnic fanart

red from the sience fiction novel "roadside picnic" written by the strugatsky brothers. the movie "stalker", directed by tarkovsky is loosely based on the novel - the screenplay was also written by the strugatskys. love this read and the whole message, the concept behind it.

agency once more.

another mood concept + option for the beer campaign previously mentioned. the houses aren't finished because there'll be a big beer bottle placed at this position. maybe a bit corny but i like it. i think you get the idea. ;)