Tuesday, February 8, 2011

roadside picnic fanart 2

another "roadside picnic" fanart, let me introduce you to: monkey, red's daughter. since stalkers were often exposed to the influences of the zone and alien artifacts, their children suffer from mutations. maria (monkey) was born with extreme hair growth and completely dark eyes. this is her at the age of about 5, having fun on the swing red built for her. later on in the book none of her skin is visible anymore, she stops talking and behaves like an animal. poor child... :(

btw: there are two balloons depicted on the button, at one point in the novel she plays with them.


Anonymous said...

Just finished the book and I really like this one. Good work!

Anonymous said...

Das Äffchen! Süüüß... :-)

Hagtorp said...

Прекрасный рисунок!
Именно так я себе и представлял Мартышку.
Excellent drawing!
I imagined the Monkey quite so.

Pavel said...

This is cool! Very well done!