Wednesday, November 28, 2012

walking dead fanart: "grand finale"

back with some walking dead fanart. i finished the first season of the video game last weekend and had to draw something related to it (also posted a small making of for you). my girlfriend also played through the last episode a few hours after me, so i had to watch that emotional ending twice *sigh*... "you're strong clem... you can do anything!" can't wait for season 2. thanks ttg! was a blast.

"telltale games" translated my dearly beloved comic book series into a game and it's the first time that kirkmans dead actually walk work on another medium if you ask me... ;)

[SPOILER] of course lee is still alive in this picture, i didn't dare to influence clem's personality even more by letting her pull the trigger - who would actually do that?! [SPOILER]

(no textures or custom brushes used. done with the standard brush)

edit: it's posting number 100 btw. yehaw... time flies.