Thursday, August 14, 2014

30th anniversary naughtydog contest: "your birthday."

"Over the past three decades, Naughty Dog has brought us some of the greatest video games out there."

... so true. to celebrate that unique developer studio, i jumped right in and contributed this t-shirt design called "your birthday.". i found out about this contest by accident and instantly added my 3d sculpt of joel (you remember him?), but then i decided that this 30th anniversary is enough motivation to do an exclusive drawing - yeah! they pushed the deadline back a few days, otherwise i never would have started on this... but since i can't recall when the new deadline is over (blind...), the thought that it might be too late by the time i finish "your birthday." struck me very often while rushing the hard blending for the characters. at first i didn't like the edgy style on this one, i wanted to do soft blendings and more detail but i couldn't risk to be too late... now i like it as it is. hope you like it too, IF you do, pleaaaze share, like and vote for me ->

"YOUR BIRTHDAY." (30th anniversary drawing)

link ->


link ->

making an account takes less then 1 minute and i really appreciate your help!
lets turn one of these into a official shirt-design, THANK YOU!

Rating Period: 08/12/2014 - 09/09/2014
Winners announcement: 09/23/2014

Friday, August 8, 2014

true detective fan art: "the crew"

final true detective fan art piece. had to mirror the "now detectives", otherwise the composition would have been not so nice and the lighting too. normally i hate edits like that, but yeah - all just to make the most of it. changed some values too, otherwise contrasts would have been different on each head. in the style of the official promo artwork. i'll update this posting with the society6 link for shirts and prints and stuff, as soon as i am done with that.
hope you like.

true detective fan art: "errol 2012"

"My family's been here a long, long time."

Errol Childress

true detective fan art number five. the green-eared spaghetti monster. took some (flat circle) time to figure out a good shape for errol. at first i wanted to give him a crown, a golden/yellow one, selfmade, out of cardboard... but then i decided to scrap that. errol is not the king in yellow, he's a spaghetti monster at most. yay, five artworks in total, apposite to the "five horsemen" too. enjoy.

Monday, August 4, 2014

true detective fan art: "marty 2012"

"Hey, better get those jumper cables ready. Motherfucker’s lying."

Marty Hart

true detective fan art number four. marty in the year 2012. was fun to play around with different expressions for the 2012 version. at the end i felt that the most powerful and fitting moment to paint would be the turning point in which marty decides to back cohle 100%. the tape.

touch darkness and darkness touches you back.

next up: the king in yellow (final piece for this mini portrait series). ;)

Friday, August 1, 2014

true detective fan art: "marty 1995"

"You wonder ever if you're a bad man?"

Detective Marty Hart

true detective fan art the third. say hello to marty (1995 version). was much more difficult for me to define the basic head shape here, my first sketches looked odd, some of them like i was going for mixture between conan o'brien and klaus kinski, dunno why - really tried hart (haha...). since i gave the 95 cohle a small detail (the spiral eyes) i wanted to do the same for marty. it would have been nice to place asses and boobs on his eyes, as a reflection, but i didn't want to do the same again, that's when the lipstick as a third eye came in my mind. he can't wipe it clean. it's in plain sight... he's doing his thing so obvious that i had to do something in this direction. that cake... ;)

as you can see in the wip image, i also tried a bitchslap, but it was too much in your face (haha²) and far too big.

for the background i wanted to switch the theme at first, so that the 95 version of marty has a black one, and the 2012 version of marty gets a white one. after testing around i decided to go for colours here. the black and white theme makes sense for cohles portraits, but would have another meaning applied to marty... also, since they are so different compared to each other, i chose colours here. they fit martys temper...

next up: marty... the 2012 version. ;)