Saturday, June 27, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "witch"

a little sketch i did yesterday, on my ipod touch using "brushes" and my left forefingertip - i needed to draw something real quick and ruff after "ibrush!". mood according to what i have heard about jacko. hope you still like...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "ibrush!"

a little summer-sketch i did today - as usual with "brushes" and my left forefingertip. she's chillin', just sittin' there with her little ipod touch, watching the sun going down, sketches all the things happening down there, in that small alley right under her feet... i brush. hope you like :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "niko"

a little fanart i did today, again on my ipod touch using "brushes" and my left forefingertip^^. allow me to introduce... niko bellic, an illegal immigrant and veteran. put simply, gta IV is (still) stunning! hope you like my version of that caustic serb - a sketch has long been overdue ;)

edit: just to complete it, here's a little description for you: i tried to capture a mood that fits to him - there's a reason for B/W (morally he's already dead - war and the mob-life ruined his humanly) , his look (he's forearmed and got a freezing icecold intend), and for the threatening clouds and red/purple skyline (not only the sun is going down, the big city also dies with him "onboard"!) ;)

Friday, June 12, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "recall"

did this today, again on my ipod touch using my forefingertip with the great app "brushes". referred to a painting of an unknown artist i found years ago... hope you like...

edit: i just have been told who's the creator of the original piece: blutch. thank you, "c" :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "robin 1 & 2"

i'm back with a new sketch... done with "brushes" on my ipod touch. it's for my girlfriend. she loves the game "the path" by "tale of tales" - robin is one of the girls, i liked her the most, so i choose her for a little fanart. hope you like it ;)

... she liked the first one, so here's the next one (don't worry, the vimeo-link down here is the right one, the "face" starts at nearly 1:30...)


i just found out that the makers of "the path" posted my fanart on their official blog, i'm very proud about that! go check the blog here... and watch all the other nice stuff on that blog!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "dodge this"

my newest "brushes"-sketch, did this today as allways only with my left fingertip, amazing "brushes" and my loved ipod touch...

imagine: 2 nearly equipollend samurai figthing in the woods, setting sun hits there bodys through the firs... all of a sudden the one with the straw hat wants to ensure victory and pulls out a loaded gun: "dodge this..." ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ipod touch stuff, again...

did this today... with "brushes" (only!) again on my ipod. inspired by watchmen anno 1920. keep smilin' ;)


benjamin rabe found that "bad mood guy" on flicker and made a post on his fingerpainted-blog. i'm very proud about that (your opinion, that it's worthy), thanks benjamin! maybe now the "watched man" can smile again ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ipod touch stuff...

my first two sketches on the ipod touch, done with the free program "whiteboard: collaborative drawing", and my left forefinger... there aren't that many features (only a few colors, no zoom at all and just one brush)... and worst of all: with the freeversion you can't save. i needed a better tool.

and here it is:

first ipod-"illustration", realised only by the great app "brushes" for the ipod and my left forefingertip... - GREAT PROGRAM!