Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ipod touch stuff...

my first two sketches on the ipod touch, done with the free program "whiteboard: collaborative drawing", and my left forefinger... there aren't that many features (only a few colors, no zoom at all and just one brush)... and worst of all: with the freeversion you can't save. i needed a better tool.

and here it is:

first ipod-"illustration", realised only by the great app "brushes" for the ipod and my left forefingertip... - GREAT PROGRAM!


D. said...

junge, normal bist du nitt ^^

gruß ausm saarland

Lny said...

Olle! :D und für das Ding verlässt du mich & kommst net mehr in Steam on?!?!?!

nee is schon fesh ^^ :D