Friday, June 27, 2014

Commission: "In aller Ehrlichkeit" (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight)

i am back with a long overdue commission for a good friend. the finished drawing is called "In aller Ehrlichkeit" (means "in honesty and sincerity"). the assignment was simple: i should listen to a "King Arthur" audio book part called "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", read the relevant selfmade comic pages provided by the client and do my thing... fan art so to say. ;) it had to be analog and based on his creation. since i love to draw with a ballpen, i thought i'd give my own branded "ROADSIDE PICNIC/David Müller"-pens a go (originally produced as a handout for my thesis-exhibition a few months ago). so here you have it, hope you like. :)

i did this for the awesome Walter Pfau, a german artist i met two years ago on the "COMIC SALON" in Erlangen. he's doing a comic adaption of "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", check out his unique style and the ambitious project over here:

beside the finished piece i posted detail shots and some work in progress photos. my scanner didn't catch all the detail (lines that where too soft vanished unfortunately), but i still like the digital outcome. maybe i am going to do a coloured version later on.

(100% hand-drawn blue ballpen painting, DIN A4 - black and white version via cs3)

Du hast das Original dann in ein paar Tagen, Walter! Den Kugelschreiber mit dem's gemacht wurde, leg' ich dir wie angekündigt natürlich bei... auch wenn der warscheinlich so gtu wie leer ist. Was lange währt... ;)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

THE FOREST fan art: "Sitten" (plus a map)

phew, long time nothing new - so here i am, back with a piece of fan art for the game "The Forest" (developed by Endnight Games), it's quite early in development and only available through early access right now, but i already felt in love with it. :)
this drawing lasted for so long, i never expected it to be such a hustle at first, to be honest... 30-40 hours of work, stuff i had to throw out again, because it wasn't for the best of the result (that one detailed cannibal on the right for example *rrrr*), over 2 gig in size and i don't know how many f***** layers, but it's finally finished (i think my old pc really appreciates that too :D) and before you ask: yes, there's a deeper meaning behind it. ;)

since you won't be able to see all the details in the small version, i also added some detail shots for you to actually spot all the tiny stuff going on and a WIP-gif (i hope it works like it should). if you already played the game, you'll be able to get it i guess, if not then i hope you're about to support the awesome boys and girls from Endnight Games and check "The Forest" out. enjoy!

oh, almost forgot to mention it: i also did a map for that game about two weeks ago. since the first sketch (done while exploring the island in-game), there has been a lot of updates for the digital version. i removed or corrected wrong stuff, added new stuff and did a complete overall since the first upload. i'll try to keep it up-to-date and will edit this posting to add the newest version, too. the response from the community was amazing and i am really glad that i could help so many gamers out there to find there way through the thicket. ;)

for more info about that map, you can check out my steam guide for it.