Friday, August 28, 2009

ipod touch stuff, BIG UPDATE ;)

today a new episode of the awesome "mobile art" ebook by thierry schiel arrived, volume 2 is now available for free download on the appstore. you can get it if you click on the picture (itunes link). it has 198 pages of articles, reviews and beautiful paintings. featured artist for this edition is our so talented susan murtaugh!
beware - lots of art inside (me too ;)).

after a long time of being apstinence in the matter of "brushes", i finally had time to finish another piece. it's called "present from earth". in the distant future humanity managed to leave their own sun system to visit other stars and galaxys to spread - even in other dimensions. on this picture you see a little human girl representing planet earth, dropped on a new planet (you can see the mothership in the back), to hand over a present from the blue planet. a little galaxy as a tokan of friendship. hope you like ;)

to finish this ipod-update, here's a little sketch i did a few weeks ago. may i introduce the two sweetest cats on this planet: sasu (black) and finu (white)... a little bit rough and unfinished because they woke up and left without sympathie for the observer. (and yeees, sasu was sleeping in that position) hope you like it, next time i've got to be faster with that settle :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

dub FX sketch...

today my long-awaited "everythinks a ripple" cd arrived, so i did a little sketch while listening... i found out about that naturally gifted beatboxin', rappin' and singin' genius a month ago, by a fluke - he left me speechless. search for his stuff on youtube, or visit his website to buy his cd's. i hope the neighbourhood was flashed by his musik today... so am i (again and again and again...) ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"die mittagsfrau" finished...

big update... finally. finished the last 4 pages (page 9-12, well known sketchystyle), the cover, page 2 and concluded page 1 (added german dialog). on the whole i like the result but it could have been better - with more time, i had changed some things - maybe everything^^. deadline is over and now i've to wait for a mark from the professor... hope you like it :)