Friday, April 29, 2011

more portal 2 fanart

i finished "portal 2" a few days ago and i love it! outstanding story, gameplay, music, art design, animations, humor, twists... did i mention the humor already? this one is called "home".
[SPOILER] after glados released chell at the end of the game, a simple thought struck me: what if it's not the real "outside world", but rather just another room inside the laboratories... that's why glados had that evil laugh... naah, scratch that! chell loves caro... i mean glados, it's family for her. that's why she visit the lab's from time to time. good old times. how could chell be happy without testing?! you monster!

Monday, April 18, 2011

portal 2 fanart

back with "portal 2" fanart called "auxiliary power". valve went crazy with these marketing moves - totally sick and outstanding! that ongoing arg (alternate reality game) and the "potatoe sack" (13 hit indie games on the cheap) deal to help release portal 2 faster, all those ongoing speculations what'll be next - the whole community is hyped. google it if you are not already part of it. ;)
that girl on the picture is chell. she is dreaming of portals, test chambers and of course cake but angry glaDOS in the back wants MOA POTATOES. every gamer out there who loves portal knows what that picture is all about. can't wait to beat glaDOS (again).

check "glados@home" to see when chell is finally done peeling those potatoes. ;p