Saturday, June 20, 2009

ipod touch stuff, "niko"

a little fanart i did today, again on my ipod touch using "brushes" and my left forefingertip^^. allow me to introduce... niko bellic, an illegal immigrant and veteran. put simply, gta IV is (still) stunning! hope you like my version of that caustic serb - a sketch has long been overdue ;)

edit: just to complete it, here's a little description for you: i tried to capture a mood that fits to him - there's a reason for B/W (morally he's already dead - war and the mob-life ruined his humanly) , his look (he's forearmed and got a freezing icecold intend), and for the threatening clouds and red/purple skyline (not only the sun is going down, the big city also dies with him "onboard"!) ;)

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