Sunday, October 7, 2012

3D stuff: fortune lady and the owl

back to 3D: the fortune lady (her) was actually finished long ago, but i forgot to post some images of it. she's already in-game, i'll show more when the time is right. the pain-owl was finished one week ago - finally! i am kinda proud with the result because every feather detail is sculped by hand... without using any phototextures, alphabrushes or other cheap tricks. i started this beauty long ago but haven't touched it for months... guess that and the fact that i knew there are some more feathers, the claws, the texture and the retopo to do prevented me from getting back to it earlier (here and here are some rough wip's from 2011 - the concept i did back in early 2011 can be found over here). it has it's normal- and displacement map ready and i just can't wait to see that sweetie hang in-game. ;)

hope you like it.

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