Friday, June 1, 2012

diablo 3 contest contribution: "the basic concept"

i did this for a "diablo 3 contest", the price is a brand new digital collectors edition key. task was to draw in ms paint what diablo means to you - personally. this one is called "the basic concept" and took me about two hours to finish (hello paint, long time no see). i used the diablo 2 cover-artwork as a reference to get that evil grin as accurately as possible. i know that the cards are stacked against me, hopefully because of the truth inside that image but i had to contribute... hope you like. ;)

edit: win? WIN!... upon my soul, SPARE ME! :D


Johannes said...

yeah, sehr cool. ich drück dir die daumen.

David Müller said...

hat geklappt, hätt ich nicht gedacht! btw: blizzard-mitarbeiter stehen auf so kritik am unternehmen... verrückte welt. ;)