Friday, July 25, 2014

spider-man fan art called "one on one"

amazing! almost 52 years of wall crawling and web-slinging. i am a huuuuuge spider-man fanboy (check my acutal DA-ID and you get an idea) and i thought it might be time for a proper piece, its been a while since i did my last spidey drawing and his birthday is right around the corner, so here you have it. the idea for this cover came after ordering the "blank variant cover" version of the new amazing spider-man on ebay, some weeks ago. i wanted to do my own version: this one is called "one on one" because it's actually the real number one on that number one fan art cover (take a closer look) -> spidey is having lunch time with the comic that started it all in his hands... amazing fantasy 15! sigh, would love to have it - the original one ofc.

did this for fun, and damn, it was fun! going to have this baby on my wall soon, at least in din a2. ;)
posted three versions: clean artwork version, the "oldschool variant cover" (the lettering i grow up with) and the "modern" one.
beside that you get detail-shots (yeah, everythings hand-drawn here, even the city in the back!) and a small wip history.


Juanjo Silva said...

awesome! Greetings from Mexico! :D

Gladney said...

This is phenomenal! Are you selling high quality prints of it? I'd love to purchase one!