Saturday, October 17, 2009

agency stuff: "paul", "unser ener" and "spd"

this one is a sticker for children, let me introduce: "paul blink"... was a job for an optician. strange that i never showed agency jobs before... dunno why, maybe i'll catch up on some "older" stuff soon, or i'll just show some favs (otherwise it'll probably brake the mould ;)).

some postcards i did, for an energy saving campaign of the "department of environment". the red pig showing how to reduce waste of energy is the mascot of the "unser ener"-campaign...

and last but not least, some cuttings from storyboards i did with the corresponding pictures from the final advertising films of the "spd saarland". you can see the 2 clips on youtube, first one is called "heiko maas stoppt die raserei" and the second one is called "future 2009 - saarland nimmt maas" . hope you like :)


D. said...

eieiei, de "paul blinzel", von wem kommt das denn ?
frank ? hammer name :-)

David Müller said...

kein plan... passend, ne ?! ;)