Sunday, April 19, 2009

blues harp sketch (for dad)

pencil drawing for my dad. it's his original oldskool golden "marine band" blues harp with mic, he just wants another original "müller" on his skin. (hope there's a good spot left for it) ;)


bigsis said...

this is a beautiful sketch! my 6th grade son is doing a history fair project on the blues in chicago and we were looking for "blues harp" images to show how the blues was amplified, and this shows it perfectly. would you grant us permission to print your sketch and use as part of his presentation in february to the chicago history fair? kristen and son jack, oak park illinois

David Müller said...

hey kristin,
i don't think that that this answer is going to reach you in time - i am really sorry, i have to check comments here more often! i am glad that you and your son enjoy this blues harp sketch so much and that it was your prime selection. of course i would have granted the permission to print it for this kind of presentation, IF it won't get sold, reprinted, distorted or edited in any way used for advertising, publicity or other similar uses. you also should keep the signature visible and also mention the source somewhere in the document (blog-url for example)
maybe another time... oh, and please don't hesitate to ask stuff like that via e-mail, these i'll read directly and won't get overlooked so easy. thanks.