Saturday, June 16, 2018

THE LAST OF US PART II fan art: "every last one of them."

five years after it first launched, naughty dog's "the last of us" has reached 17 million sales. three of them by me, it is still one of my favorite games ever released. E3 was amazing, especially naughty dog with "the last of us part II". i was so hyped for the event, that i watched it live at 3am, mid-week like last year. :D the attention to detail, the dramatic composition and the overall quality is one of a kind. so, i wanted to do a little something after watching that new gameplay demo and to celebrate its anniversary, but haven't got the time until today. i'll post some WIP shots later. this one is called "every last one of them."

(original size: 11,5cm x 18cm, big brush pen, brush pen and marker on paper)

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