Thursday, June 7, 2018

IT floats.

finished "IT" by Stephen King yesterday, what a book... started reading it at the end of last year - after watching the remake in cinema i had to buy "IT", had some brakes but finally revisited the book again a few weeks ago to finish the last ~300 pages missing. 1376 pages in total and now i am falling into a sort of limbo, these characters accompanied me for such a long time now. such a good read... these two drawings has been a part of this journey. my (selfmade sharpie-doodle) pennywise bookmark, which is actually some sort of promotional summer postcard by the bookstore i got the book from and a protrait of a man, who once sat across from me in the train. i did not travel with my sketchbook that day, only with the very big "IT" - so i did a sketch of him on the "freest" page there was... glad i did it, such a great distinctive face.

"IT" is such a good portrait of childhood and reliving that experience as an "adult"... my dad once told me: "there are no adults, only old children." - i lived by that saying ever since, because it's the truth.

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