Saturday, September 30, 2017

RUINER fan art: "Him"

Cyberpunk. i love it. "RUINER" - finally out! Go get it, puppy! yesterday i got some spare time to spend since work is quite calmly right now, so i took the chance to do a little RUINER fan art. i am calling this one "him". i really love the artstyle, the vibrant colours and the overall "Ghost in the Shell"/"Akira"/"Patlabor" vibe of the game, seriously, if you are into that stuff go check it out. i wanted to do a little something about it in the second i saw the "Security Guard" Character Concept done by the very talented Benedykt Szneider. I had that scene in my head which i wanted to draw, from there it just started to come - i love when that happpens... creativity and great minds keep inspiring.

be witness of that moment, when two goons which should work actually get booze and smoke, girls and some talk instead of their job done... but then they see "him" walking by. hope you like.

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