Saturday, August 19, 2017

by bus by train 4 (sketches)

back with some new and some not so new blackbook/sketchbook scribbles. more sleeping, unaware and aware strangers. right now i am pretty active again while i go by train, but after my son was born ~10 months ago, i was pretty busy with new stuff like beeing a dad, and doing work out more active in my free-time, i really haven't got the pashion to take the sketchbook and some pens with me especially because work snatching all the creative output away. right now i try to do at least one (small) new sketch a day from "living references". ;)

the cat and the dog on the last page where actually pretty impressive. the dog was like a direwolf right outta game of thrones... he was so big and in bright, vibrant white. i think his master was proud as she noticed that i was sketching her dog, she constantly was trying to get him in pose, that's why there are so many attempts from me. ;) the cat was sitting right in front of me the other day, i warned his master that these "cat-leashes" won't keep the cat from getting out, if he really wants to run off - she replied: "he knows who i am. he won't run off...", he didn't.

hope you likem.

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