Saturday, April 19, 2014

happy ishtar egg

happy ishtar, folks! i visited my mom yesterday and stayed overnight, as we haven't seen each other since i've obtained my bachelor degree a few months ago. we've had a great time! good food a good movie (i brought my playstation 3 so that we could watch dat blu-ray quality ;)) and lots of talks till late at night. today she asked if we could paint some easter eggs... it's an deep-seated tradition for her: every year she's having a brunch with good friends and their children, arranges everything and then they are all painting easter eggs. :) as a child i really loved that day. she has that new pillow which she really loves, and since i wanted to paint something for her i picked the portrait of it for my 2014 egg (my last one is about 13 years old ;)).

it was really hard to get used to it again. the small, very fragile and distinct surface, the shaky hold - especially if you have to work with watercolours which are older then i am... true story, you needed water by the liter just to get them fluid again. before that they cracked into 100 pieces. my mom apologised and assured that they normally had better ones. :D anyway, at the end it somewhat worked - she's happy, so am i. hope you like, have a good time!

standard round brush, really old watercolours on a blown out egg.

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