Thursday, April 17, 2014

birthday present: "elesun"

another birthday present for another mom, this time for my girlfriends mother. she turns 60 in a few days and she loves elephants...
she's not really into the (hi-) tech internetz world, so i guess it's alright if i put it on already. fingers crossed, she doesn't check my blog until sunday. ;) this one is actually my first acryl-work and i quite enjoyed it. it's kinda hard to get the painting photocopied, so that it looks like in real life, but i am quite pleased with the outcome. scanned it. the black and white version is because i can (yeah, i know.. photoshop-hax!), the closer "tail shot" is from photo... please excuse the shaky WIP-photos, should have checked the quality after doing them.

this one has fun, riding the sun - for as long he wants. hope she likes that small dude!

i really have to do more as soon as possible (not desperately more elephants, i mean more of that dirty brush action).

stretched (mini) canvas, acryl on cotton 20cm x 20cm

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Anonymous said...

Elephantastic! ;)