Saturday, May 26, 2018


yesterday i watched "ANNIHILATION", the new netflix movie from alex garland (writer of "the beach", co-writer for "enslaved: odyssee to the west", screenwriter of "28 days later", "dredd" and director of "ex machina"). i had pretty high hopes for this, since i saw the first "annihilation"-trailer some months ago. i really enjoyed "28 days" back then, "the beach" was also a cool movie (i've been told that the book is a good read, too) and "dredd" had awesome images imho (i haven't seen "ex machina" until now, but i still want to). for now: "annihilation" really resonates with me... in a good way. there are some silly problems i have with it, tho. i am no scientist but while watching it, some pretty simple questions came up, which hasn't really been answered that well - if at all. the first thing, that really killed the immersion for me was the fact that they won't wear any kind of protection before walking into that shimmery alien portal zone. yeah, you could say, that they've tested that out in the last 3 years and it didn't helped either, but it wasn't even mentioned by anyone. there are some more problems i had with the movie, but overall i have to say i really enjoyed it. the good parts clearly outweigh the silly stuff, imho. i ordered the source material today at my local little bookstore (support!), really curious about it (it's called "AREA X: The Southern Reach Trilogy" by jeff vandermeer). seems to better then the movie (who'd have thought? :D).

had to do this little comic page right after seeing the movie. hope you like.

for the wip-gif animation: first i wanted to do it full colour, but then i went simple lineart with this one. i didn't want to waste so much time for that small idea.

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