Wednesday, March 14, 2018

BERSERK fan art: "The Branded Girl"

finally, i've got the chance to read the last berserk manga (no. 39), which came out a few days ago in my country. this one was long overdue. the last piece of my little berserk series, casca, the branded girl.
maybe i'll do the trauma-version too someday, was hard for me to decide which version i'll pick (as you can tell from the first sketches in the animated gif). at the end i liked the keen version more (that should be her mindstate, right). i also wanted her to face the viewer head-on, as the center-piece of the three portraits (you can tell by the subtle background-stuff going on). now i can't wait for no. 40 (you heard my miura?!)...

ps: i am going to make three shirts out of these, first i'll try to get them produced by "qwertee" as a boundle, if the votecount is high enough, it'll be done. if that won't work out, i gonna upload them on design by humans or another shirt print company online. these shirts will be done! plus: casca is going to be added to my society 6 shop - so look out for these good quality prints in the next days!

in case you missed these:




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Anonymous said...

she looks like golshifteh farahani