Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BERSERK fan art: "the black swordsman"

2016: amazing year for "berserk" fans. the new manga will finally be out in just a few days after three f. years of waiting, miura confirmed that it'll be a monthly release again, there's a new anime series out (which i already truly love but also quite hate for a couple of reasons) aaand there'll be a new game out later this year... (still own the dreamcast game and the ps2 game, especially love that one). you see, it's a good time for doin' a new berserk fan art - this one is called "the black swordsman", cause that's who he is. hope you like guts.


Александр Панченко said...

Will be issued "Roadside picnic"?

David Müller said...

no plans yet, if i manage to work on it again,
and if it will get published like ever, i will
post information here too, ofc!