Friday, February 12, 2016

by bus by train 3 (sketches)

back with some blackbook/sketchbook pages i filled up with more sleeping, unaware and aware strangers i met in the early hours of the day, late in the evening or in the middle of the night by bus and train. "the red one" - finally, i managed to draw him - however it's only a small sketch and not very detailed but he's such a remarkable old guy. wearing a red hat and a red jacket, he's always smiling and travels with a small bike which you can foldout - dunno the exact term. hopefully i can do a better, bigger one in the future. the lady and the curlywunder girl sketched with black marker came into beeing while i was visiting a friend of mine in guildford. drew them on the way to london... the text beside dog (named jackpot) is a quote from his master: "i recognize my dog in what you are doing there..."


Gates said...

How's the work on Roadside Picnic going?

David Müller said...

i never found the time to go on with it, sorry
if i manage to roll that project up again, i'll
post information and progress here, ofc.

thanks for the interest!