Monday, January 19, 2015

OBEY! fan art: "rarely aware"

the very clever game "OBEY", by Daniel Dez has such a unique concept that it instantly blew my mind... (imagine a combination of "1984", "Battle Royale" and "Powerpuff Girls"). i really hope, that it'll get the attention it deserves - i am afraid that it'll be not enough "CALL OF ASSASSINS CRY 23" to hit the masses - which is so ironical, since it's the first game i've ever seen which is that close to our very own authoritarian systems of power and influence, although it's still very early in development, its presented already in such an charming and innocent way, that i had to jump right in. all the best for the future, obey!

it's out on early access now and you can give it a try. INSTANT buy!


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1 comment:

Dez said...

I finally integrated your artwork into OBEY's title screen!

Hope you are doing well David! ^ _ ^
Much love,