Friday, October 3, 2014


back with some "post it"-sketches, started doing these a week or so ago, everytime i had to wait for something to happen in front of my super vintage antique weak personal computer to loaaad. they are 10cm x 10cm each and done with a blue stabilo gel-pen (only working pen i'd lying around). it's an old pen, guess thats why it had to end empty right inbetween the last portrait-sketch... (see photo) finished that last one with a ballpen (hair and ear and stuff).

the alps sketch happened on a weekend trip with my girlfriend... i sat outside the cabin, watching down into that ~2307m depth at around 7am, right at the very edge of the cliff, observing the sun banishing away the thick shadows of a starlit night. could be more detailed, i know, but my numb hands nearly fell off - it was that cold.

last one, again: holiday with my girlfriend. this one came into beeing at the beach of belgium. she was reading - guess what. you can actually see my ear and shoulder beside some grassy-dunes in the reflection of her classes. had to draw her in that moment. <3

hope you likem.

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