Saturday, December 31, 2011

the forgotten ones of 2011, no.3: jobs

some of my works created in 2011, i had to cut the images here and there because of trademarks and slogans and so forth... it's a mix of a bit of everything, from posters to animation stuff to storyboards to simple advertisements to cute caricatures.
regarding the first, orange "viturn" image: it's a keyframe for an animated advertisement spot. i did all the illustrations (keyframes and inbetweens), backgrounds - even the typography is handwritten by me. the animation itself was done by some cool dudes from berlin. good job! you can watch the finished "viturn" clip if you click here or if you click on the orange triangle in the right corner of the viturn-webpage. the three mashup images containing happy old folks display some of the illustrations i did for another animation clip, i'll link the finished piece once it's released - hope you like 'em.

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