Monday, June 6, 2011

duke nukem forever fan art: in-game-doodle

i never dreamed that one day, i would be able to draw duke nukem inside a duke nukem game. now i finally can, hail to the king!
duke comes, one of the greatest heroes of game history (for) ever...finally done. thanks to gearbox software, tryptich games, 2k games and of course 3d realms - the game "duke nukem forever" is almost out there.
this is some duke nukem forever fan art "in-game-doodle" i did yesterday, photographed straight from the "first access demo". took me 2 1/2 hours - there's no option to save in-game and i don't have any recording tools installed to upload real videos... so here is the final result and a small "wip animation", hope you like. ;)

btw: my retailer wrote me today that all the preorder "first access codes" are out of stock and that i am too late, unfortunately - well, many thanks goes out to the forum member "Uncle Graves"! he's the one who posted an unused "first access code" yesterday on the official forums and i got there just in time because i googled for "free duke first access codes".
thank you again ;)

damn! i just got referred to the latest twitter message from randy pitchford aka. "DuvalMagic" (one of the founders, CEO and president of gearbox software) speechless - internet is ****** genius, no kidding! so happy with this tweet. thank you, really appreciate it and i am glad that you like it! :D

the good news won't stop... frontpage news and a fan art page post on "DUKE4.NET"! glad that it's worth mentioning and that this artwork could produce so much interest - i know and love that page for years!
thank you, yatta! :)

"go ahead, make my day." this is so epic! all the praise and kind comments i received in the last hours about this just make me wanna scream out more duke quotes! :D
even george broussard made a tweet on his twitter-account... yes, 3drealms legend george broussard, one of the creators of the duke. how am i right now again? still speechless. thank you so much!!!
i am so glad this reached the right people. all that can be desired.


PlayStar Rocker said...

"Yo Cobb, i heard you like Duke Nukem so I put Duke Nukem in Duke Nukem so you can enjoy Duke Nukem while you enjoy Duke Nukem."

"We need to go deeper."


David Müller said...

haha! thanks mate and exactly, hope there will be more interactive features like that - glad you like it.. ;>

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Strider Hiryu said...

You've been referred in, one of the top gaming blogs in Italy. Now you're a celebrity over here, too! Excellent job, David, mustn't have been easy to pull that one off :D

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David Müller said...

hey strider, thanks for the news post - glad that so many people liked the painting inside the game, inside the game. thanks for sharing the link! :)