Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Left 4 Dead Concept Art Contest (Hosted by Valve and Mod DB) - Grand Prize Winner P-JAY! what the hell?!

my heartbeat stopped after reading my accountname as part of the "winner-congrats"-posting... so much talented artists worked their heart out - it was a tight competition, i dare say! go and check out the other pictures! they deserve it!


more content i sent in... plumb
forgotten to post that, too :D

the one above is called "the ex-con" - but he was just too off-topic i guess ;)

also thats my first blog-post... i hope it brings good luck! ;)


pete said...

well what can be said here? Deserving winner of a comp i took part in, all of this stuff is cool, but P-Jay really rocks, hopefully we'll see him in game one day eh?;)

David Müller said...

while there's life, there's hope. ;p