Wednesday, June 18, 2014

THE FOREST fan art: "Sitten" (plus a map)

phew, long time nothing new - so here i am, back with a piece of fan art for the game "The Forest" (developed by Endnight Games), it's quite early in development and only available through early access right now, but i already felt in love with it. :)
this drawing lasted for so long, i never expected it to be such a hustle at first, to be honest... 30-40 hours of work, stuff i had to throw out again, because it wasn't for the best of the result (that one detailed cannibal on the right for example *rrrr*), over 2 gig in size and i don't know how many f***** layers, but it's finally finished (i think my old pc really appreciates that too :D) and before you ask: yes, there's a deeper meaning behind it. ;)

since you won't be able to see all the details in the small version, i also added some detail shots for you to actually spot all the tiny stuff going on and a WIP-gif (i hope it works like it should). if you already played the game, you'll be able to get it i guess, if not then i hope you're about to support the awesome boys and girls from Endnight Games and check "The Forest" out. enjoy!

oh, almost forgot to mention it: i also did a map for that game about two weeks ago. since the first sketch (done while exploring the island in-game), there has been a lot of updates for the digital version. i removed or corrected wrong stuff, added new stuff and did a complete overall since the first upload. i'll try to keep it up-to-date and will edit this posting to add the newest version, too. the response from the community was amazing and i am really glad that i could help so many gamers out there to find there way through the thicket. ;)

for more info about that map, you can check out my steam guide for it.


Pathfinder! said...

Absolut genial!!

David Müller said...

Danke! :) said...

Wow, das sieht so unglaublich gut aus.

Weiter so!

Anonymous said...

Du hast echt Talent!

Unknown said...

Bro this art is legit! I need an artist for T shirts I have a Youtube Channel that is picking up speed like crazy! Please hit me back!

Unknown said...

would you sell a print of this?